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The Hulett Lawn Spraying & Fertilization Difference for Pest Control and Fertilization

With the variety of pests and diseases throughout South Florida, more families have trusted Hulett for more than 51 years to take care of their yards. Many of these lawn problems need trained professionals to handle and apply the necessary treatments to maintain your lawn and shrubs at their peak of beauty and health.

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High-Pressure Spry Nozzle

Hulett's Promise...No Cross-Contamination Of Lawn Spraying & Fertilization Products!

Hulett does NOT use the same pumps, reels or sprayers to apply different treatments to your lawn and shrubs. Avoiding dangerous cross-contamination and possible risk of burning or incompatibility of treatments, Hulett only uses dedicated equipment for each treatment…all of which is calibrated for accuracy twice each month.

Hulett also takes the extra step to ensure their trucks have fresh water each morning before making service calls. Any leftover mixed product prepared the previous day is always flushed out the night before. Upon arrival at your home, 200 gallons flows into the mix tank below from the fresh water in the main 600 gallon holding tank.

Hulett Sprays Three Times The Volume – Reaching Grass Roots Faster!

Hulett's spray nozzle on the end of the spray wand beats the competition, hands down! Most competitors use a shower nozzle, delivering three gallons per minute per one thousand square feet. Compare that to Hulett's high pressure nozzle which delivers ten gallons per minute per one thousand square feet! It delivers over three times the volume of product for penetration and pressure. The nozzle assures that treatment reaches down through the thatch to the roots of the grass where it can do the most good.

Hulett – The Best Trained Professionals In The Business!

Hulett continuously educates its staff to keep them up-to-date and aware of the latest pest control industry innovations, effective products, application methods and equipment care, as well as customized program treatments for specific insects and fertilization needs. Hulett's education program includes seasonal training to address specific weeds, plant diseases, and fertilization procedures.

High-Pressure Spry Nozzle

Hulett Quality Controls – Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Equipment calibration is monitored daily, especially during seasonal changes that require adjustments to ensure the proper formulations of product mixtures. There may be times during a service call that our professionals notice something that would require additional attention. They are trained to initiate any necessary recalls to your home to follow up on treatment results and to make further recommendations as needed.

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