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Pets and Professional Pest Control

You love your pet and see them as a family member, which is why you might be searching for "pet-friendly pest control companies near me." When pests invade their homes, pet owners often have questions about pet-friendly pest control options and want to know more about how pest control products and other methods can impact their pet.

We understand these concerns and take every precaution to ensure that you can count on us for effective, integrated pest control methods that are pet friendly. As part of our Pet-Friendly Resource Guide, we hope to address the most common concerns we hear from our customers and offer ways to protect your four-legged family members from pests, such as fleas and ticks. Read on to find out more about what a pet-friendly pest control company can do for you.

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Why Choose Hulett?

With over 50 years of experience, our family-owned business is your trusted source for pet-friendly pest control throughout South Florida. There are so many reasons to choose Hulett, from the quality of our services to our commitment to customer service. Learn why so many South Florida pet parents trust Hulett for pest control.

  • Our partnership with Bugs University ensures that every Hulett technician is current on products and their special use and handling, as well as other pet-friendly pest solutions.
  • We schedule service calls to suit your needs and work with you to find a time when your pets can be secured.
  • Our pest control professionals keep a tidy appearance, arrive on time, and patiently address all your questions and concerns.
  • All Hulett technicians are registered with the state of Florida.
  • We are pet lovers, too!

Pet-Friendly Pest Control FAQ

What is pet-friendly pest control?

Many pests can harm your pet's health, and when you want to control these insects, you need to feel confident that any treatments will not negatively impact your pets. Your Hulett pest control professional is trained at Bugs University by Entomologists to address your pest problems. Here's what you can expect from pet-friendly pest control:

  • Your Hulett technician will identify pests and implement effective, pet-friendly control methods.
  • The plan for eliminating the pests will use an integrated approach, combining several pest control methods, including the application of treatments.
  • Your pet's wellbeing will be top of mind as the pest control professional determines the best placement for the treatments.
  • Your technician will carefully follow all instructions for applying the treatments.

Our goal is to provide you and your pet with a pest-free home. If you have any concerns about your technician's methods or how they may affect your pet, do not hesitate to ask. Your technician will patiently provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Are professional pest control treatments pet-friendly?

At Hulett, we offer professional pest control that is pet-friendly. Household pest control materials are designed to be applied at low concentration levels. This makes them effective for eliminating insects without posing a hazard to people and pets.

Hulett Environmental Services' pet-friendly pest control program is designed to control existing pest issues and help prevent future problems. Preventing an infestation is often the best method for ensuring a healthy home, and your technician can fill you in on the best practices for prevention.

What preventive or protective measures, if any, should we take for our pets before treating our home for pests?

Communicating with your pest control professional is critical. Let the technician know if you have attempted any pest control treatment on your own since this may alter their strategy.

Make sure that you understand the different treatment options available to you, as well as your responsibilities as a homeowner before, during, and after any scheduled treatments. Some preventive measures you can take to protect your pets from future infestations include:

· Vacuum frequently to help control a flea infestation by removing eggs, larvae, and adults. Along with carpeting, vacuum upholstered furniture and baseboards, as well.

· Wash bedding where pets sleep and discard any old pet bedding, along with other items that may contain severe levels of infestation. Replace them with new items when necessary.

· Comb and groom pets frequently, especially around the neck, where fleas tend to congregate.

Speak with your technician about Hulett's pet-friendly treatments for the interior and exterior of your home in conjunction with topical or oral treatments prescribed by your veterinarian will keep you and your pets protected from fleas and ticks.

Do you have pet-friendly pest control?

Yes, we are thrilled to offer this service to our customers and their furry friends. We know your pet matters to you, and it's our honor to serve customers who trust us to provide effective pet-friendly pest control. We offer integrated pest control solutions that are pet-friendly and customized to your and your pet's needs. Ask your pet-friendly pest control technician to fill you in on everything you need to do to keep your pet happy, healthy, and pest-free.

We offer pet-friendly pest control in the following locations: West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Palm Beach Gardens, and Vero Beach. To schedule a free inspection, contact Hulett Environmental Services today.