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The Subterranean Termite Treatment Solution!

Hulett's subterranean Termite Liquid Defense is proven to work in the most challenging situations, climates and environments to eliminate subterranean termites. If you require termite home defense, make Hulett your first call. We've been in business for more than 50 years, servicing local South Florida communities. Get the best liquid termite treatment there is, and put your mind at ease.

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The Advantages of Our Liquid Termite Treatment

Hulett's trained technicians are masters at inspection and treatment of Liquid Termite Defense in the right places. Hulett has been protecting customers' homes in South Florida for over 50 years so this is protection you can count on.

Why may Hulett's Liquid Termite Defense be the best solution for your home?

  • Fast acting product, controlling the termites that contact the treatment quickly.
  • Creating a liquid barrier around your home, protecting it from invasion.
  • A residual product is used, protecting your home after the treatment.

The Hulett Subterranean
Termite Treatment Process

Our termite treatment is made from a revolutionary non-repellent and undetectable liquid technology. Termites are unable to see, smell, taste or avoid its deadly effects so it is transferred to their nestmates, killing the termites.

Our liquid termite defense system applies product directly into the soil near common entry points, forming a barrier around your home. Not only does this eradicate any termites that are currently present, but it helps keep your home and your property protected well into the future. This is crucial, as subterranean termites require a moist environment in order to thrive and will often venture back down into the soil in search of this damp climate. Having a liquid termite defense applied directly into the soil helps target the pests at the source. There is no guessing of whether or not the termites will come into contact with the termite home defense system. The liquid is comprised of a residual product, which creates a protective barrier around your home, securing it from subterranean termite entry.

As termites go searching for food and moisture, they come into contact with the residual product, which rubs off onto them. Since the termites are unaware that the product is there, it is designed to work quickly and effectively. After the termites come into contact with the liquid termite treatment, they then carry the material with them back to their colony, where it impacts the other pests and eliminates the colony members directly at the source.

Step 1

Step 1

Termites come in contact with treated surface or soil.

Step 2

Step 2

Worker termites distribute to the rest of the colony via "transfer effect."

Step 3

Step 3

Liquid solution in contact with the colony's queen termite, eradicating it.

Treatment for Subterranean Termites

The Hulett team is thoroughly trained on the newest and most modern treatment methods available. Using only the highest quality products, Hulett backs its services with a re-treatment guarantee! All of our certified applicators are trained continuously, ensuring that we are always using the most innovative treatment techniques when administering termite home defense.

The Benefits of The Hulett Liquid Termite Treatment

There are many benefits to selecting Hulett Environmental Services' liquid termite treatment to control subterranean termites, as it is incredibly effective at eliminating termite colonies in your home.

Benefits of Hulett's liquid termite treatment include:

  • Each of our service technicians are trained by a Board Certified Entomologist.
  • Over 50 years of experience in termite control in South Florida.
  • Family-Owned Pest Control Business.
  • Products will not harm your lawn or landscaping
  • Liquid termite defense can eradicate even extensive infestations
  • Creates a total barrier around your home, helping prevent termite re-entry
  • Subterranean Termite Treatments are discrete– meaning no evacuation or tents that let the entire neighborhood know you are battling an infestation

There are countless reasons to select liquid termite treatment from Hulett Environmental Services to help protect your home and property as your method of subterranean termite control. It is one of the most convenient and effective methods for termite home defense currently on the market, used by countless homeowners to defeat infestations.

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If you notice signs of termite damage around your home or property, don't wait. Contact Hulett Environmental Services today. Often, homeowners first notice termites after they have already caused extensive damage to the home. This can lead to costly repairs.

To properly treat termites, you must first identify which species is making their home inside your walls. For that reason, Hulett Environmental Services has a board-certified entomologist on staff, to ensure that the proper treatment method is administered the first time.

Call Hullet Environmental Services today to schedule a FREE inspection. An expert will come to your home and assess your property, looking for signs of damage and infestation. Once the species of termite is identified we will develop a comprehensive plan to eradicate the infestation based on your home and family's unique needs. It is likely that if you are struggling with a subterranean termite infestation, that liquid termite treatment can eliminate the problem.

Additionally, speak with our experts about regular home maintenance and preventative measures you can take to ensure your home remains protected all year round. In South Florida, pests and termites are prevalent, but you can stop them with the help of Hulett. Don't wait until you have a termite infestation, and set up your free inspection today.

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