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Termite Baiting Defense Termite Baiting Defense

An Environmentally Sensible Solution!

Hulett's Termite Baiting System uses an active ingredient that has been proven successful throughout ten years of extensive in-field testing.

The Benefits of Installing Hulett Termite Baiting Systems:

  • Environmentally responsible, the odorless material is less invasive than the liquid defense system and only requires a minimal amount of product.
  • Each bait placement strategically targets specific termite areas where termites have been found.
  • Has little or no impact on human health, low toxicity to birds, fish, and plants; and little potential for groundwater contamination.
  • No floor drilling or exterior trenching required.

The Step-by-Step Hulett Termite Baiting System Process:

    Termite Baiting
  • Step One – Your Free Professional Termite Inspection is completed by trained Hulett technician.
  • Step Two – Termite Bait Stations are installed in prime termite foraging areas and other locations they are likely to colonize.
  • Step Three – Termites enter and feed on bait.
  • Step Four – Termites tunnel back to their colony and promptly send their nest mates back to the bait stations for their share.
  • Step Five – The bait works its deadly effects on the entire colony.
  • Step Six – The bait is removed from Termite Bait Stations and replaced with wood monitors. This checks the wood for new termite activity.
  • Step Seven – Hulett continues to monitor and check for any new signs of termite activity as long as the Termite Service Agreement is in effect.
  • Step Eight - Renew your Annual Termite agreement and get another year of Complete Year-Round Protection by Hulett.
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