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Hulett's Termite Baiting System

Termite baiting is an environmentally friendly subterranean termite solution. At Hulett, we utilize the premier subterranean termite bait in the industry. This baiting system consists of green bait stations that are installed along the exterior perimeter of your home, and in areas conducive for subterranean termite feeding and activity. Within the bait station, Recruit HD specialized bait is used with the active ingredient Noviflumuron. This product is an insect growth regulator, more specifically, a chitin synthesis inhibitor. The significance of this is that the product is effective against termites because it does not allow them to molt, grow, or develop correctly. Subterranean termites are referred to as being "Social" insects. They show many characteristics that classify them as such, such as overlapping generations, cooperative care for young, individualized tasks, etc., but a simplification of this "Social" definition is that they have much interaction between colony members in the form of feeding, grooming, and communication. In total, the interaction and transfer of materials between nestmates in this way is referred to as Trophallaxis. But, because of the unique mode of action of how this product works, it requires some time to kill the termites after the bait is fed upon. However, during this time, the product is passed throughout the colony, which will ultimately result in total colony elimination. Hulett's termite baiting system has been proven successful throughout ten years of extensive in-field testing. It is a highly effective subterranean termite baiting system, especially for hard to control Formosan and Asian subterranean termites.

When you work with Hulett, you are working with professionals who understand termites and their behavior. Hulett’s experience in South Florida for over 50 years means that the technicians treating your home are extremely knowledgeable in their field. Hulett has board-certified Entomologists on staff who is able to properly identify the species of termite infesting your home to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment.

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Having a termite baiting system deployed throughout your home doesn't have to be expensive. At Hulett Environmental Services, we are dedicated to bringing our customers superior service at the best prices available. If you're searching for a subterranean termite bait system, check out the discounts below.

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The Benefits Of Installing Hulett's Termite Baiting Systems

There are many benefits to using Hulett termite bait systems to treat subterranean termites in your home. You can rest assured that your pest problem will be eradicated and that your home and your family will remain protected.

Benefits of Hulett termite bait systems include:

  • Colony elimination
  • Curative and Preventative Approach to Subterranean Termite Control
  • Environmentally responsible.
  • Termites prefer the bait over wood, and will recruit nestmates to feed
  • Active ingredient is transferred and brought back to the colony by Trophallaxis
  • Has been awarded for being Green. As an Insect Growth Regulator, the product targets termites specifically.
  • Noninvasive; No floor drilling or exterior trenching required.

Hulett's Termite Baiting Process

The process of installing the green termite bait stations is simple and straightforward. At Hulett, all of our services start with a hassle-free and no obligation FREE inspection. During this inspection, our trained personnel will complete a thorough inspection, make the correct identification of infesting termite, and discuss with you and your family the most appropriate treatment program. Our inspector will also inform home owners of any conducive conditions they find on the property, and tips and tricks that homeowner can perform to lessen their termite pressure and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Installation of Stations

Hulett’s certified applicators will install termite bait stations in the ground around the perimeter of your home. The stations are installed flush to the ground, so they do not cause any interference. Once in the ground, there is only a service cover visible so they do not take away from the aesthetics of your landscape. Lastly, the stations require a special key to open, so they are protected.

Termites Eat the Bait, Share with the Colony

Termites prefer the bait used in Hulett's termite bait stations 10 times more than wood. Once they find the bait station, they recruit others to feed. They transfer the product through social interaction. Noviflumuron, the active ingredient, is shared within the colony. It keeps termites from maturing through molting and disrupts them developmentally.

Your Home is Protected from Termites 24/7

By keeping termite baiting system stations in place around the perimeter of your property, your home will have ongoing protection from any future termite infestations.

These subterranean termite bait systems do more than just eliminate an infestation in your home. The termite bait stations provide you with peace of mind knowing that they continue working for as long as they are installed. To decrease your termite pressures, speak with our technicians further for more information on how you can keep pests and insects from making their home inside your house or around your property. We provide comprehensive pest prevention education. When we install a termite baiting system at your home we provide you with all the necessary information to keep your house termite-free not just now, but always.

Hulett's Termite Baiting System Is A Great Offense Against Subterranean Termites!

Hulett has been proudly serving home and business owners in South Florida for over 50 years. As a local company, family-owned and operated for over 3 generations, Hulett understands the needs of South Florida residents better than anyone. Our team of entomologist-trained and tenured technicians are continuously trained in the newest and most modern treatment methods available. We only use the highest quality products and modern equipment.

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If you're in need of a solution to eliminate a pest problem or ensure that your home stays termite-free in the future, call Hulett Environmental Services today. We will schedule a FREE inspection at your convenience, where an expert team member will visit your property and provide an in-depth evaluation of the termite control services you may need. Just call Hulett!