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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pest Control Company

While South Florida is a paradise of a place to call home, the Sunshine State is also a haven for many pests that thrive in the tropical environment, as well. For South Florida homeowners, selecting the right pest control company is vital for protecting your home or business. But how do you choose a pest control company you can trust that fits the needs of your home and family, schedule, lifestyle, and budget? Let’s focus on 5 questions to ask when choosing a pest control company for your home or business.

5 Must-Ask Questions

  1. Are you legally licensed to perform pest control services in the state of Florida? Increasingly, illegal pest control operators are trying to slip under the radar to perform pest control services. Obviously using an unlicensed company could potentially put your family at possible and unnecessary risk. Any representative from a legit company will have their licensing ready for potential customers to inspect. According to the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF-IFAS), licensed pest management operators in Florida are required to carry insurance, have a full-time Florida-certified “operator in charge of pest control operations” at their business locations, and meet statutory training and record-keeping requirements.


  1. Do you have any testimonials or online reviews I can check out? Most reliable pest control companies will be more than happy to direct you to their happy customers. In this section, you will get a firsthand glance into whether the company is prompt and courteous, skilled at pest control, customer service, professional and reliable, and if they did a thorough inspection and treatment after discussing with customer their needs


  1. Do you use an integrated pest management (IPM) approach for your pest control services? More homeowners are interested in IPM approaches that use materials and methods that reduce the need for extensive broadcast spraying of pesticides, only instead applying them in cracks and crevice when pests are present. These materials may include low-dose, pinpointed applications for current infestations and baits that specifically target pests on the perimeter of your home to deter pests that may attempt to enter your home or business. IPM approaches work well with home maintenance plans and help to develop a comprehensive customized plan to protect your house or business. Reliable pest control IPM approaches are designed to:
  • Inspect and monitor for pests
  • Identify pests
  • Bait to eliminate pests
  • Treat for pests only as needed

IPM plans should also include pest monitoring and pest prevention. Checking bait stations and monitoring for pests is crucial to proper pest control management. IPM plans include regular evaluations to determine whether the plan is working.


  1. Do you use products that are pet- and people-friendly and environmentally consciousIPM approaches to pest control management offer methods and materials that do not pose health risks to people or pets and do not negatively impact the environment. A legit pest control inspector will move through your home investigating places where pests are prone to harbor, looking under your fridge, around kitchen drawers, and cabinets, in bathrooms, the attic, etc. A thorough inspector will also look on the perimeter of your home for evidence of pest activity.


  1. Do you offer a guarantee? Once you’re talking about plans for your home or business’s pest management and prevention plan, you should find out what happens if pest activity reoccurs. Some pest problems may need more than one treatment. A reputable pest control company will guarantee their work and return if issues occur to resolve the issue. At this time, you might also ask if treatments require you to leave your home and for how long. With most IPM approaches, home and business owners aren’t required to vacate the premises, as low doses of pinpointed materials are applied only when pests are present.

Other considerations when choosing a pest control company include:

  • Find out if a pest control company is a member of professional associations such as the National Pest Management Association, Florida Pest Management Association, Certified Pest Control Operators, or others.
  • Getting a written quote with a breakdown of services and pricing.
  • Speaking with a customer service rep about anything in your plan that isn’t clear to you.
  • Discuss scheduling with your service provider and setting up preferences for visits to monitor pest activity.
  • Setting up a line of communication that narrows your technician’s arrival window by text or call.
  • Find out if you will need to be there at all.

Choosing the right pest control company in South Florida is important as this relationship will be a long-term commitment. Hulett Environmental Services is a locally owned and operated professional pest control company, exclusively servicing South Florida homes and businesses for over 50 years. Hulett leads the industry in providing family-, pet-, and planet-friendly pest control solutions across South Florida.

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