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Insects migration similar to birds

A recent study published in Science magazine has revealed that insects, much like birds, utilize the wind stream and their bodies to attain high speeds. (Up to 60 MPH) The new study by Jane Hill, an entomologist at the University of York in the United Kingdom and co-author of the research appearing in this week’s issue of Science, has great implicationin the pestworld. She exclaims,“They go with the wind, but they choose which winds to go with.” The recent technological advances in science have contributed to this intriguing finding as researchers were never able to effectively track tiny insects flying thousands of feet above ground until now. With this better understanding of insect migration farmer should be able to effectively prepare for seasonal pest infestations.

Be sure to check out the full article from Discovery Here.

Florida Bed Bug Control FAQ’S

Bed Bug Control

What do bed bugs look like?

Adult bed bugs are brown, about a quarter of an inch in diameter and resemble a flat apple seed or lentil.

How pervasive is the bed bug problem in the United States?

There has been a significant increase bed bug infestations in recent years. According to 2013 research conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the University of Kentucky, almost 100 percent of pest control companies have treated for bed bugs in the past year, compared to just 25 percent in 2000.

In addition, an earlier NPMA survey conducted in January of 2011 found that one in five Americans has encountered bed bugs in their home or knows someone who has.

Why are bed bugs such a problem now?

While there is not one clear answer for the resurgence in bed bugs in recent years, the majority of pest professionals point to increased travel, lack of public awareness, and changing pest control products and methods.

What states have been affected?

Pest control companies have reported bed bug activity on a national scale. Today, bed bugs can be found throughout almost every region of the world and in all 50 United States.


Where are bed bugs found?

Bed bugs are not limited to any one specific type of dwelling. Pest control companies have been reporting infestations everywhere including single family homes, multi-family housing, apartments, hotels and motels, hospitals, schools and college campuses, office buildings, retail stores, movie theaters, libraries and even public transportation.

Are bed bugs just in beds?

While bed bugs are most often found in bed parts, such as mattresses, box springs and folded areas, they can also survive in alternative habitats. Bed bugs often conceal themselves behind baseboards, wallpaper, upholstery, picture frames, electrical switch plates and in furniture crevices.

What are some common signs of a bed bug infestation?

Telltale signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Small red to reddish brown fecal spots on mattresses, upholstery or walls
  • Molted bed bug skins, white, sticky eggs or empty eggshells
  • Very heavily infested areas may have a characteristically sweet odor
  • Red, itchy bite marks, especially on the legs, arms and other body parts which may be exposed while sleeping

Why are bed bugs so hard to treat?

Bed bugs are elusive, hardy pests that are easily transported from one place to another. They can live for several months without eating and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from nearly freezing to almost 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does someone control bed bugs?

Any effective bed bug control strategy should start with a careful, thorough inspection by a licensed pest professional of all known and suspected spots where the bugs may be hiding. This is not a pest that can be controlled effectively with do-it-yourself measures.

Once bed bugs are discovered, a pest professional will develop a treatment and control strategy with their customer depending on the extent of the infestation. It is imperative for the customer to fully follow the advice, including removing infested items and laundering clothing.

What is Green Pro?

When you hire a GreenPro provider we want to ensure that you receive the best service and have the highest level of confidence that all individuals sent to your home or business have met stringent criteria that go far beyond state and federal requirements. To guarantee this level of quality, GreenPro requires member companies to meet high standards that include:

  • Perform criminal background checks on all employees.
  • Comply with the toughest green standards.
  • Employ highly trained, credentialed employees.
  • Offer a clear, easy-to-understand warranty and termite service agreement.
  • Maintain an up-to-date insurance policy.
  • Advertise truthfully and ethically.
  • Check employee references and driving history.
  • Maintain a drug-free workplace.
  • Require a professional dress code and service vehicle maintenance and appearance policy.

In addition, when providing a green pest management service, your GreenPro certified technician will develop a plan to precisely manage pests in your home and business in accordance with our rigorous third-party standards. GreenPro companies will:

  • Provide green pest management training and testing for all sales persons and technicians selling or providing green services.
  • Designate a manager that must attend a comprehensive green training program and whom is responsible for ensuring that the company is complying with GreenPro standards.
  • Create a unique partnership with you to determine the best and most responsible way to solve your pest problems.
  • Inspect and monitor the structure being serviced.
  • Eliminate sources of food, water and shelter that pests need to survive.
  • Follow guidelines to treat in and around your structure using the least invasive measures to manage your problem, while minimizing or eliminating the need to use pesticides.
  • Only make traditional pesticide applications after discussing the options with you and getting your consent.
  • Document all actions taken to accurately identify solutions that work for you.
  • To ensure GreenPro companies are complying with program standards, member companies are audited by independent auditors.

What Pests Pose Threats To Commercial Properties? | Commercial Pest Control Information

These are the  most common pests that commercial facilities encounter, and they pose serious health threats to patients, customers, staff, and other individuals around your commercial property.

Ants, fire ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, mice, mosquitoes, rats and spiders, among others, can all slip into commercial buildings as people and deliveries come in and out.   Pests can gain access in backpacks, boxes, delivery vehicles and on people and their belongings.

Professional pest control is important Pests can transmit a host of diseases to humans and animals with effects ranging from minor discomfort to death. Some diseases spread by pests include:

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
  • Bubonic plague               
  • Rabies
  • Cholera                               
  • Dengue                               
  • Encephalitis                      
  • Dysentery                           
  • Hantavirus                        
  • Lyme disease                    
  • Malaria                              
  • Murine typhus 
  • Polio    
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • West Nile virus
  • Trichinosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Strep
  • Tapeworms
  • Staph
  • Shigella
  • Typhoid fever

A study by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a report in the New England Journal of Medicine show that even among many common asthmatic triggers, cockroach allergens cause the most health problems for asthmatic children. These allergens build up in deposits of droppings, secretions, cast skins, and dead bodies of roaches.

Pest-transmitted diseases can be controlled through proper pest management techniques.  Identification of species, habitat and behavior can help a pest management professional control infestations and subsequently suppress outbreaks of pest-transmitted diseases.

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