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Argentine Ant Appearance and Size Facts

Argentine ants can be found all over the world. Global trade has enabled them to hitch rides to every corner of the map, and now they are prevalent throughout the American South and West. Like any other variety of ant, these little pests have strength in numbers and can prove to be a major nuisance to your home or business. That is why it is so important to understand how to spot Argentine ants and keep them away before an infestation begins.

Identifying Argentine Ants From Other Ants

One of the most distinguishing features of Argentine ants is their tendency to form massive, interconnected colonies, sometimes spanning vast areas and comprising millions of individuals. When disturbed, they emit a musty odor, which can help in identification. 

Additionally, Argentine ants are known for their preference for sweet food sources, such as honeydew on plants and sugary substances, making them frequently found near plants, trees, and in your home. That said, these ants’ behaviors and food choices can be hard to distinguish from other ant types at a glance – that’s where the professionals at Hulett can help with a free comprehensive pest inspection!

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Behavior and Habitat of Argentine Ants

Argentine ants travel in lines while they forage, following pheromone trails set out by their scouts. That’s why it is so important to stop the first few ants you see before the rest can find the path. So if you see a line of ants, follow them to their entry point to seal it off

As an invasive species, Argentine ants tend to disrupt the ecosystems they intrude upon. Native insects, positive and pest alike, are all negatively impacted by their presence as they reduce food supplies and attack neighboring colonies. But more importantly to you, their attraction to sweet substances and food items can lead to infestations in homes and businesses. 

If they find their way into your home, Argentine ants will raid your kitchen for any food they can find. On top of the frustration that comes with finding ants in your cabinets, ant infestations have the potential to carry diseases with them that can contaminate your food. But don’t worry, Hulett Environmental Services has you covered.

Signs of Infestation of Argentine Ants

One of the most notable signs of an infestation is the presence of visible ant trails as they move around in search of food. Another sign is the appearance of small mounds of soil and debris near the nesting areas. Argentine ants also release a chemical scent that attracts other ants to the colony, so you may notice an unusual amount of ant activity in the affected area. It’s important to act quickly if you suspect an infestation, as Argentine ants reproduce rapidly and can be difficult to control without professional help.

Tips for Prevention of Argentine Ants

Like with other ant species, Argentine ants are likely to enter your home through gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior. Therefore, check for holes in screens, door sweeps, siding, and even around pipes and electrical wiring to identify possible points of entry. From there, you’ll want to seal up as many holes and cracks as possible. 

Keeping a tidy, clean home environment can also help minimize your home’s appeal to pests. Keep counters clean, foods sealed and stored away, and clean up crumbs. You’ll also want to keep foliage and bushes trimmed and away from the side of your home since these plants can create paths for Argentine ants to get into gaps around your house.

Getting Rid of Argentine Ants

While preventative measures can go a long way, halting an active ant infestation can be tough, and DIY solutions can be ineffective or even unsafe. That’s why professional pest control is the best route for treating and controlling Argentine ants. At Hulett Environmental Services, we offer green pest control and prevention solutions so you don’t have to choose between the well-being of your family and pets and getting effective ant control. 

Effective Argentine Ant Control Solutions

We tailor our approach to cater to the specific needs of your property, ensuring maximum efficiency and long-lasting results. With years of experience in handling Argentine ant infestations, we employ industry-leading techniques and environmentally friendly solutions to safeguard your home or business. 

Whether you’re dealing with a small nuisance or a large-scale invasion, our highly trained technicians will assess the situation, design a customized pet-friendly treatment plan, and provide ongoing support to keep Argentine ants at bay. Schedule your free pest control inspection today!

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