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Elongate Ant Appearance and Size Facts

Elongate twig ants have earned their name due to their unique appearance, resembling slender twigs or plant stems. These ants tend to be larger than their other ant cousins, measuring between ¼ to ½ of an inch in length. 

Despite their size, they can be hard to spot. Their coloration can range from light to dark brown, camouflaging them well among natural vegetation while their body shape allows them to blend seamlessly into outdoor environments. 

Identifying Elongate Twig Ants From Other Ants

What sets Elongate Twig Ants apart from other ant species is their unique body shape and elongated, slender appearance, resembling twigs or plant stems. Their legs and antennae are notably long and slender as well. While they have a distinctive appearance upon close examination, it can still be difficult to differentiate them from other ant species at a glance. Fortunately, pest experts, like those at Hulett, can help you make an identification!

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Behavior and Habitat of Elongate Twig Ants

Elongate twig ants construct intricate nests among plant foliage and branches, often using plant materials to create structural support for their nests. These ants present an interesting example of natural mutualism between insects and plant species. For example, they protect acacia Trees in exchange for food and shelter, but that’s not a great bargain for you when they decide to find these amenities in your home.

Signs of Infestation of Elongate Twig Ants

Identifying an infestation of elongate twig ants requires careful observation of both the ants and their behavior. Common outdoor signs include the presence of ants along plant stems, branches, and leaves. Once the ants make their way inside, you’ll need to act fast. At first, only a few scouts will appear, but you’ll start to see whole lines of ants once the message has been sent back to the colony that food awaits inside your home.

Tips for Prevention of Elongate Twig Ants

The best way to keep elongate twig ants out of your home is to make sure they don’t get in at all. Be sure to keep any plant life that touches the exterior of your home trimmed and your yard well-maintained to eliminate some additional pathways to entry. Seal up any gaps or cracks around your home’s exterior, and practice good housekeeping to limit the crumbs and leftovers that are likely to draw ants toward your space. Since twig ants live within hollowed-out twigs, tree pruning maintenance can help prevent and keep twig ants away from your home and property.

Getting Rid of Florida Elongate Twig Ants

That said, once the ants have established a presence inside, preventive measures may not be enough. To get elongate twig ants or other ants out, you need professional ant control solutions to get the job done right. Additionally, pest professionals can arm you with pet and family-friendly pest prevention suggestions and treatments to keep household pests, including ants, at bay.

Effective Florida Elongate Twig Ant Control Solutions

Hulett’s pet and family-friendly treatments are specially designed for your unique situation. Whether you are a homeowner or a business in need of elongate twig ant or any other type of pest control service we are here for you. Schedule your same-day inspection today, and enjoy long-lasting results you can count on. Call Hulett Environmental Services to get started!

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