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Red Flour Beetles Appearance and Size Facts

Red flour beetles are known for infesting stored grains and flour worldwide. These small beetles range in color from reddish-brown to dark brown, typically measure about two to four millimeters in length, and have a flattened, elongated body. They are longer and thinner than many other beetles, giving them their distinctive look. 

Red flour beetles are notorious for contaminating food products, making them a concern for homeowners and businesses who store grains, cereals, and flour in their pantries.


Distinguishing Red Flour Beetles From Other Beetles

To distinguish red flour beetles from other beetles, keep an eye out for their slender bodies, reddish-brown color, and characteristic antennae. While their appearance is distinct upon close inspection, they can be challenging to differentiate from other pests without the trained eye of a Hulett Environmental Services pest controller.

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Behavior and Habitat of Red Flour Beetles

Red flour beetles are prolific breeders and thrive in warm, dry environments. Adults are highly active, and they infest stored food products, particularly grains, cereals, and flour, where they lay eggs and feed on the items. These beetles can quickly multiply, leading to widespread contamination of stored food supplies, presenting the risk of food spoilage and economic loss if left unaddressed. They can also fly short distances, which is a crucial difference between them and their close cousins, the confused flour beetle.

Signs of Infestation of Red Flour Beetles

Look for these small, reddish-brown beetles in stored food items, especially flour and grains. Fine powder or dust accumulation around food containers may also signal their presence, as these beetles are adept at grinding food into tiny particles. 

Tips for Prevention of Red Flour Beetles

To prevent red flour beetle infestations, store all grains and flour in airtight containers to minimize their access points. Next, discard any infested food that could lead to the infestation spreading further. Vacuum food storage areas regularly to eliminate stray food sources and keep a regular cleaning regimen to ensure the beetles never have a chance to set up shop.


Getting Rid of Red Flour Beetles

If you have cleaned your pantry and cabinets and still have a pest problem, it is time to call in the experts. Hulett’s personalized pest approach will identify and seal the entry points red flour beetles use to invade your home while placing pet-friendly traps that target any beetles already inside.

We provide comprehensive pest treatments. So if you are dealing with multiple pests, let us know. We will create a plan to address all your pest problems in a single visit.


Effective Red Flour Beetle Control Solutions

For a targeted and efficient approach to red flour beetle control, count on the experts from Hulett Environmental Services. Our experienced technicians are ready to help you return to a pest-free life, so schedule your free inspection online or contact us today.

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