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Fruit Fly Appearance and Size Facts

Fruit flies are small insects commonly found near overripe or decaying fruits and vegetables. Fruit flies are known for their rapid reproduction, as a single female can lay hundreds of eggs in a matter of days. They have a short lifespan, typically living for just a few weeks. Fruit flies are a nuisance in homes as they can quickly infest kitchens, pantries, and food storage areas. Here are a few distinguishing characteristics of fruit flies:

  • Light brown in color
  • Bright red eyes
  • 2-4 millimeters in size
  • Translucent wings

Identifying Fruit Flies From Other Flies

Fruit flies can be distinguished from other flies by several key features. They are notably very small and have a distinctive light tan to brownish-yellow body color with bright red eyes. Their slender body shape, translucent wings with visible veins, and short antennae are also identifiable traits. These features set fruit flies apart from most other fly species and make them easy to identify, particularly when found near fermenting fruits and vegetables.

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Behavior and Habitat of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are known for their distinctive behavior and habitat preferences. These tiny flies are strongly attracted to ripe or overripe fruits and vegetables, as well as other fermenting organic matter. They lay their eggs on these substrates, and when the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on the decaying material. Fruit flies have a short lifespan of a few weeks and reproduce rapidly. They are highly agile and are often seen hovering around food sources or gathering near kitchen and food storage areas. Their ability to reproduce quickly and their attraction to decaying matter can make them a common household nuisance, especially in warm weather.

Signs of Infestation of Fruit Flies

Signs that fruit flies have infested your home are usually fairly evident. These signs include abundant adult flies around food sources, trash cans, or kitchen areas, the presence of larvae near decaying fruits and vegetables, a sweet, fermenting odor, infested fruits and vegetables, sticky residue on surfaces, and the frequent sighting of fruit flies around your home.

Tips for Prevention of Fruit Flies

Preventing fruit flies from infesting your home requires several proactive measures to discourage them. These measures include:

  • Proper food storage: Store ripe or overripe fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator or sealed containers to limit access for fruit flies. 
  • Cleanliness: Keep kitchen areas clean, promptly disposing of food scraps and cleaning spills to eliminate potential food sources. 
  • Trash management: Seal trash cans tightly, and regularly empty them to prevent fermenting food odors that attract fruit flies. 
  • Compost care: If you compost, seal your compost bins securely and avoid putting overly ripe or rotting fruits and vegetables into it. 
  • Drain maintenance: Keep sink drains clean and use drain covers to prevent fruit flies from accessing organic residue.
  • Fruit inspection: Examine fruits and vegetables before purchase and remove any items showing signs of decay to prevent fruit flies from being attracted to your home.


Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

If fruit flies have infested your home, you can get rid of them by finding the breeding source, cleaning affected areas thoroughly, setting traps designed for fruit flies, using insecticides, and maintaining hygiene. Removing any sources of attraction, such as overripe fruits or vegetables, compost, or decaying organic matter limits the risk of fruit flies being attracted to your home. You should clean affected areas like kitchen surfaces, trash cans, and drains, using a mixture of soap and water to eliminate any remaining larvae or eggs. Set traps using vinegar or fruit juice as bait, this will attract fruit flies and trap them efficiently. Again, you should continue practicing good food storage and cleanliness habits to prevent future infestations.


Effective Fruit Fly Control Solutions

By practicing the prevention and removal measures that we’ve suggested, you should be able to get rid of your fruit fly infestation. However, if your infestation persists, turn to Hulett Environmental Services to permanently resolve your pest problem. We offer free inspection services to identify your specific pest problem and targeted pest removal treatments to return your home to the clean and pest-free space you love. Call our team for more information or book your free inspection today!

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