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Two-Spotted Spider Mite Appearance and Size Facts

The invasion of two-spotted spider mites can turn your lush greenery into a battleground. At Hulett Environmental Services, we understand the challenges these minuscule pests pose to households. These tiny arachnids, typically about 1/50 of an inch in length, are oval shaped with a translucent green to greenish-yellow hue. They occasionally exhibit brown and orange-red colorations as well.

Two-spotted spider mites are named for the two distinctive dark spots on their back and are notorious for producing fine strands of silk or webbing on the host plant. These tiny bugs prefer hot, dry weather, where they can thrive year-round and cause yellowing, browning, and even defoliation of plants if left uncontrolled.

Distinguishing Two-Spotted Spider Mites From Other Arachnid Pests

What sets two-spotted spider mites apart from their arachnid counterparts is their distinctive oval shape and the two small dark marks on their back. These pests often infest plants, leaving behind silk strands and causing noticeable damage. And while their house spider cousins are carnivorous, these tiny pests prefer to eat the plants in your garden. Spider mites have been seen infesting over 200 species of plants, but are especially troublesome for arborvitae, Italian cypress, ligustrum, and pittosporum.

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Behavior and Habitat of Two Spotted Spider Mites

The life cycle of the two-spotted spider mite starts with an egg laid by a female on the fine silk webbing of the host plant. Hatching approximately three days later, the mite undergoes various stages, including larva, nymphal stages, and adulthood. 

With overlapping generations, two-spotted spider mites pose a continuous threat, especially as a single female can lay several hundred eggs within her short two- to four-week life span. While they prefer hot, dry conditions, in winter, females take shelter in leaf litter or under loose bark, hibernating until temperatures permit them to resume their destructive activities.

Signs of Infestation of Two Spotted Spider Mites

The presence of two-spotted spider mites is often signaled by the lingering strands of silk or webbing on the host plant. As they feed, leaves may exhibit yellowing or browning, eventually leading to the death of the limb or entire plant if left unchecked. The small size of two-spotted spider mites means that unless you’re deliberately looking for them, they may remain out of sight without regular pest control inspections.

Tips for Prevention of Two Spotted Spider Mites

There are some limited actions you can take to curb the presence of two-spotted spider mites in your garden. When selecting plants for your landscape, pick plants that are resistant to spider mites, and other various insects and diseases. Also make sure you are picking the right plant for the right area in your yard, considering sunlight, access to water, and room for the roots. You can also plant other species to improve biodiversity, making the environment less hospitable for spider mites as they prefer monocultures. 

Getting Rid of Two-Spotted Spider Mites

Proper management of two-spotted spider mite infestations requires the expertise of a professional pest control company. Hulett’s team is equipped to assess, prevent, and control these pests effectively, ensuring the health and vitality of your plants. We implement eco-conscious and tailored solutions to treat your green spaces for these pests without compromising the well-being of your family or pets. Whether you’re dealing with a few unwanted mites or hundreds of them, we have the tools and knowledge to eliminate the problem.

Effective Two-Spotted Spider Mite Control Solutions

If your plants are under siege by two-spotted spider mites, take action today. Contact Hulett Environmental Services for a professional inspection and tailored pest control solutions. Our experts are committed to restoring the health and beauty of your greenery by treating your lawn for two-spotted spider mites, all while prioritizing the well-being of your surroundings. Don’t let these tiny pests wreak havoc on your plants. Just call Hulett for reliable pest control.

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