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Pill Bug Appearance and Size Facts

Also known as roly poly bugs or rollie pollies, pill bugs are a common pest that plenty of south Florida homeowners have struggled to control. When it comes to getting rid of your pill bug infestation, the best first step is learning what a pill bug looks like and how it acts. Let our team at Hulett Environmental Services provide you with the information you need to detect and prevent a pill bug infestation in your house. To start, here are some common characteristics of a pill bug:

  • Body: Each pill bug has an “armored” body similar to an armadillo. 
  • Shape: Pill bugs are typically oval-shaped. 
  • Color: Pill bugs usually have slate gray or brownish bodies.
  • Size: On average, a pill bug is 3/4 of an inch long.
  • Legs: There are seven pairs of legs on a pill bug.

Distinguishing Pill Bugs From Other Bugs

While they are similar in appearance to sow bugs, pill bugs differentiate themselves with their ability to roll into a ball. They often do this to protect themselves whenever they are disturbed or distressed. But trying to disturb or interact with a pill bug is not a productive solution. If needed, turning to a professional for assistance is your best option. 

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Behavior and Habitat of Pillbugs

Constant exposure to moisture is the key to pill bugs’ survival, and they often find that by living outdoors near trash, plant debris, rotting wood, and similar moist substances. They reside in moist areas because their bodily structures leave them vulnerable to mass water loss and need constant exposure to moisture to survive.

When it comes to reproduction, pill bugs hatch from brood pouches on the undersides of females. Each brood tends to carry around 28 pill bugs, and they tend to remain in the pouch between six to eight weeks. The traditional life span of a pill bug is around two years. While they do not bite, their rapid reproduction rate and constant exposure can become a big headache for Florida homeowners. 

Signs of Infestation of Pillbugs

Pill bugs often linger around the doors, entryways, and especially in houses with sliding glass doors at ground level. They are commonly found in large masses outdoors as they cannot live indoors without moisture and a consistent food supply. Still, if the moisture and food supply are plentiful, pill bugs can find their way into your Florida home through trash, rotting boards, rocks, pet droppings, and flower bed mulch.

Tips for Prevention of Pillbugs

With their main attractant being moisture, remove as much standing water sources or exposed moisture in your home and yard as possible. With little to no moisture to live on, your home will be less appealing to pill bugs. Additionally, it’s important to remove any outdoor sources of moisture including trash, rotting vegetation, and wood on a regular basis. These arthropods can be found and prevented in similar ways to other infesting arthropods, such as millipedes and centipedes.

Getting Rid of Pill Bugs

Even though these preventive measures can help prevent a pill bug infestation, they are far from certain. Handling your infestation on your own only leaves you with the dirty work and minimal results. Professional pest control services, such as the ones provided by Hulett, are your best bet for pill bug removal and prevention.

Effective Pill Bug Control Solutions

Just call Hulett Environmental Services for the best pill bug control services in Florida. With over 50 years of experience, our QualityPro Certified technicians have the expertise to rid your home of pill bugs or other pest problems. Get started by scheduling your free inspection with us online today! 

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