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Asian Roaches Appearance and Size Facts

Asian roaches are common in the southern regions of the United States and look almost identical to German roaches. Distinguishing features of Asian cockroaches include:

  • Light brown color
  • Long and narrow wings
  • 13-16 millimeters in size
  • Most active at dusk
  • Attracted to light
  • Can fly long distances
  • Typically found outside, but will invade homes

Identifying Asian Roaches From Other Cockroaches

Asian roaches can be hard to identify from other small roaches, like German cockroaches. Upon very close inspection, you may notice that Asian roaches have longer, more slender wings than German cockroaches – although you may not want to get that close! Asian cockroaches are also very strong fliers, so might be behind an infestation of flying cockroaches. 

For a definitive identification and treatment plan, pest control professionals can help! The team at Hulett, for example, is trained by board-certified entomologists and has the know-how to pick out the differences in appearance and behavior between Florida’s most notorious cockroach species. 

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Behavior and Habitat of Asian Roaches

Asian roaches have a lifespan of around 104 days, and an adult female will produce an average of 148 eggs in her lifetime. This means that an Asian roach infestation can start very easily once just a few roaches make their way into your space.

Asian cockroaches are strong fliers and are attracted to light. Though these roaches prefer to live outside, they can enter your home through open doors and windows, as well as through general gaps and crevices around the perimeter of your home. Though Asian cockroaches prefer to live in shaded and moist environments, they can (and often will) fly long distances toward light.

Signs of Infestation of Asian Roaches

If you have an Asian roach infestation, you might find roach eggs or their casings around your home in cabinets or on countertops. If the roaches are indoors, you will smell a musty odor throughout your home, typically in your kitchen or bathrooms where it is moist. This smell will be hard to miss, and you will probably see the actual cockroaches as well.

Tips for Prevention of Asian Roaches

While these pests can be difficult to deter, there are some steps you can take to discourage Asian roaches from choosing your home to invade. Secure food and cover your garbage bins tightly to prevent infestations. Do not leave any doors or windows open, and repair any poorly fitted seals in your home.  

Getting Rid of Asian Roaches

While preventative steps can help you stop Asian roaches from coming into your home, these roaches multiply rapidly, meaning that a small invasion can turn into a major infestation quickly. To stop an infestation, professional pest control is the most effective option, as well as the healthiest route. Professional roach control experts, like those at Hulett, can help you get quick, effective Asian cockroach control that is also pet and people-friendly.

Effective Asian Roach Control Solutions

If you are battling an Asian Roach infestation, let Hulett Environmental Services help. We will help you eliminate any current infestations and help you make sure roaches can’t get back inside!

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