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Australian Roach Appearance and Size Facts

If you are dealing with a roach infestation, one of the many types of roaches you could be dealing with is the Australian cockroach. Commonly found outdoors, Australian cockroaches are known to carry diseases that can create health risks in and around your home. In this guide, our team at Hulett Environmental Services will teach you how to identify and eliminate Australian cockroaches in your South Florida home.

On average, the Australian cockroach is approximately one to one and a half inches long. Each is colored reddish-brown or dark brown but usually has a yellow margin on the thorax and narrow yellow stripes on the wings. They also have six legs and antennas on their heads. 

Identifying an Australian Roach From Other Roaches

While they are similar in appearance to American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches are smaller in size and have yellowish features. However, it can be difficult to distinguish an Australian cockroach from other kinds of roaches on your own. For the most accurate identification, call the professionals at Hulett for help.

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Behavior and Habitat of Australian Roaches

The usual lifespan of an Australian cockroach can be anywhere from a few months to over a year. Female Australian roaches can lay anywhere between 20 to 30 eggs in their lifetime, making it possible for an infestation to grow rapidly in your Florida home.

Preferring warmer climates, such as that in Florida, Australian cockroaches tend to spend the majority of their time outdoors. However, since they’re not tolerant of the cold, Florida homeowners can find Australian cockroaches inside their homes during the winter months as they try to escape the colder seasons.

Signs of Infestation of Australian Roaches

One critical sign that you might have an Australian roach infestation in your Florida home is the presence of egg cases near food. Similar to other species of roaches, Australian cockroaches also leave droppings where they’ve traveled and eaten. If you have areas where food exposure is more likely, start looking there for these signs.

Tips for Prevention of Australian Roaches

Since Australian cockroaches typically live outdoors, one pivotal way you can help prevent an infestation from happening is to block any potential entrances. These can be cracks and crevices in windows, doors, walls, foundations, and more. Also, clean and wipe down countertops and floors to eliminate any food sources that can attract Australian cockroaches into your home. Australian roaches often use trees to gain access to attics, so maintaining and pruning trees and keeping a clean attic is important, too.

Getting Rid of Australian Roaches

It can be quite difficult to successfully get rid of Australian cockroaches in your Florida home. DIY methods can vary in effectiveness, and may even cause health risks for your pets or children. The most effective way to get rid of Australian cockroaches, and prevent future cockroach infestations, is to contact professional pest control services. 

Effective Australian Roach Control Solutions

Why let your Australian cockroach infestation linger in your Florida home when you can just call Hulett for the best cockroach control around? With numerous pet and people-friendly pest control solutions, we will help clear your Florida home of Australian cockroaches once and for all. To get started, give our team a call or schedule your free inspection online today!

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