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Florida Woods Roach Appearance and Size Facts

In the southeastern United States, particularly in Florida, there are plenty of Florida Woods Roaches, known as Palmetto bugs. These roaches are noticeable due to their large size and distinct, thick bodies. These roaches are also sometimes called “stinking” cockroaches because they produce a foul-smelling fluid. Generally, one to two inches in size, these roaches are large and dark reddish-brown or black.


Identifying Florida Woods Roaches From Other Roaches

Often measuring between 1.2 to 1.6 inches (30 to 40 mm) in length, Florida woods roaches surpass the size of your average household roach. Florida woods roaches are generally darker in color and have thick, almost roundish bodies, allowing for easy differentiation from many other common roaches, including American and German cockroaches. Unlike some species, the Florida Woods Roach cannot fly, despite having very short wings.

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Behavior and Habitat of Florida Woods Roaches

Florida woods roaches are nocturnal creatures that are active at night, engaging in foraging and exploring. They seek refuge and sustenance in natural settings such as wooded areas, gardens, and piles of leaves, mulch, and litter. With a preference for moist conditions, they can even be found under rotting logs. Although often found outdoors, Florida Woods Roaches sometimes find their way into homes, and will generally head straight to rooms with plenty of moisture, like bathrooms.

A distinct behavior of the Florida woods roach is its ability to produce a foul-smelling fluid for self-protection. This defense method is especially important for these roaches, as they cannot fly away from predators. Unfortunately, this fluid can also cause painful irritation if you get in on your skin.

Signs of Infestation of Florida Woods Roaches

The signs of a Florida woods roach or other cockroach infestation are varied but similar.  If you spot roaches scurrying around your property during daylight hours, an infestation could be underway. Look for small, dark pellets in kitchens, bathrooms, and concealed corners. Additionally, check for oothecae, brown or red egg casings in cracks and crevices, and keep an eye out for damaged food packaging and other home materials. 

Indoor Florida woods roach infestations are rare but possible. If you find large dark-colored roaches that secrete a distinctive foul odor in your home, you may have discovered Florida woods roaches.


Tips for Prevention of Florida Woods Roaches

Maintaining a pest-free home requires proactive measures to prevent the presence of Florida woods roaches and other common pests. One of the best general home pest prevention tips out there is to seal up any cracks or gaps around the outside of your home, including gaps in window screens and around door sweeps. Additionally, practice good housekeeping and prevent unnecessary moisture buildup around your home.

In the case of preventing Florida woods roaches specifically, keeping your home sealed can help, but you’ll also want to be wary as you bring any new materials into your home. Carefully inspect and promptly use any firewood you bring indoors, and plan to store wood outdoors when possible.


Getting Rid of Florida Woods Roaches 

To prevent future Florida woods roach infestations, it is crucial to inspect your home for any signs of roaches, seal off potential entry points, and maintain a clean environment. By employing these practical strategies, you can eliminate Florida woods roaches and keep them at bay in the future. When it comes to eliminating a current cockroach infestation, however, professional pest control services will be your best option. Cockroach control services, like those offered by Hulett Environmental Services, can help you identify a cockroach population and develop an elimination plan that is effective against pests while still being family and pet-friendly


Effective Florida Woods Roaches Control Solutions 

Hulett Environmental Services can help you remove Florida Wood Roaches from your home. With a history spanning over 50 years, we have established ourselves as a reputable choice for pest management throughout south Florida. Our commitment to eco-friendly products and employing state-of-the-art techniques ensures effective results while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

At Hulett Environmental Services, we understand these cockroaches’ unique behaviors and habits, allowing us to tailor our approach. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free pest inspection with us today to get a professional pest evaluation ASAP. Our team even offers weekend and evening services, so you can get back to having a healthy, pest-free home.

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