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Surinam Cockroach Appearance and Size Facts

When you encounter a Surinam cockroach in your Florida home, it can be a frightening experience. However, instead of letting an infestation take place and flourish, it’s best to know how to effectively handle and prevent Surinam cockroaches from entering in the first place.

Around three-fourths to one inch in length, Surinam cockroaches are typically seen with dark brown to black bodies with shiny brown wings. Males have longer wings than females, but both are particularly poor flyers. Instead, these cockroaches are excellent burrowers, known for damaging plants.


Identifying Surinam Cockroaches From Other Roaches

One specific way you can tell Surinam cockroaches from other roaches is that they are a bit more selective with their environments than some other roach times. They rarely live in homes with little moisture and humidity, making the chance of a Surinam cockroach infestation in your home low. That said, it’s best to turn to professionals for help identifying cockroaches in your home.

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Behavior and Habitat of Surinam Roaches

Surinam cockroaches feed on vegetation and cause great harm to plants. They tend to lurk around moist, hot, and dark areas such as your garden for food and shelter. They are burrowing insects, which means they make their homes in the soil.

While males are almost non-existent in North America, Surinam cockroaches are far from extinct. Females can produce female clone offspring at a rapid rate. With such a fast rate of reproduction, this can leave Florida homeowners having to deal with a Surinam cockroach infestation that grows exponentially.


Signs of Infestation of Surinam Roaches

If you see any damaged plants or see any Surinam cockroaches burrowing into your house plants, that is a telltale sign of exposure and a potential infestation. You can monitor activity with sticky traps while removing any infected plants from your home.

Tips for Prevention of Surinam Roaches

Clean up or remove any leaf piles, trash, or any similarly moist areas around your home. Seal away any exterior cracks you find and make sure your foundation and attic vents have a tight-fitting screen to avoid any Surinam cockroaches from entering your Florida home. This type of cockroach lives in the soil, so sometimes it occasionally invades after a heavy rain or drought conditions. Surinam cockroaches can sometimes be brought into the house in potted plants, so that is also something to consider. 


Getting Rid of Surinam Cockroaches

Even though you can take steps toward preventing a Surinam cockroach infestation, the chances of you successfully eliminating a problem are varied at best. On top of that, while DIY methods exist, they don’t guarantee your infestation will remain gone and are not always safe for your family or pets to be around. When you need the most effective green pest control solution available, lean on pest professionals for help.


Effective Surinam Cockroach Control Solutions

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