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Black Widow Spider Appearance and Size Facts

As one of the most dangerous spider species on earth, black widow spiders have earned their name. These venomous arachnids are known for their iconic red hourglass shape on their abdomen and are primarily found in the southern and western regions of the United States, though they can extend beyond these areas. Some features of black widow spiders include:

  • Shiny and black. These spiders are sleek and menacing-looking.
  • Relatively small size. Black widows are pretty small compared to less dangerous spiders.
  • Red abdomen markings. You can easily identify a black widow by this.
  • Long, pointy legs. These are not easy to squish.

Identifying Black Widow Spiders From Other Spiders

Black widow spiders are often confused with other similar spiders, such as the false black widow. However, a distinguishing feature of a true black widow is the red hourglass-shaped marking on its abdomen. While other species may have a similar black body, they lack the iconic red marking. Black widows are also much smaller than other species like the wolf spider, with females measuring around 1.5 inches including leg span, and males are even smaller. 

People sometimes mistake black widow spiders for the less dangerous house spiders or funnel weavers, especially when the hourglass marking is not immediately visible. This confusion can be dangerous, as the venom of a black widow is significantly more dangerous. If you’re wondering how to tell if a spider is a black widow, look at the web: black widows create irregular, messy webs, while house spiders are known for more structured webs – but only check out a spider or web if you can safely do so – you don’t want to get bit by a black widow spider!

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Behavior and Habitat of Black Widow Spiders

Black widow spiders can live in and around homes for extended periods without drawing attention to themselves. They are generally reclusive and prefer dark, secluded areas where they spend the daytime hidden away. They feed on smaller insects, capturing their prey in their irregular webs that serve as their home and hunting ground.

If you are bitten by a black widow spider, it’s critical to seek medical attention immediately. Black widow venom is potent and can cause symptoms like muscle pain, cramps, and even respiratory issues. While fatalities are rare, prompt treatment is essential for managing symptoms. While waiting for medical assistance, try to keep the affected limb immobilized and elevated to slow the spread of venom. Apply a cold compress to the bite area to alleviate swelling but avoid using ice directly on the skin. Do not attempt to suck out the venom or use a tourniquet.

Signs of Infestation of Black Widow Spiders

Because black widow spiders are primarily nocturnal and tend to avoid human interaction, you are more likely to encounter them during the night or while rummaging through seldom-disturbed areas. The most common of all signs of black widow spiders is their distinctive irregular webs, often found in dark, secluded areas. Unlike wolf spiders, black widows spin webs, which can often be found in garages, basements, or outdoor structures like sheds.

Tips for Prevention of Black Widow Spiders

To prevent black widow spiders from taking up residence in your space, focus on eliminating conditions that attract them and their prey. Keep your surroundings clean, particularly in dark and secluded areas like basements and garages where black widows are most likely to build their webs. Regular cleaning can disrupt web-building and make your environment less inviting, helping with residential pest control and commercial pest control.


Getting Rid of Black Widow Spiders

If you come across a black widow spider, it’s important that you don’t panic. You don’t want to scare the spider or risk being bitten, and it won’t attack unprovoked. Additionally, black widows lay their eggs in their webs, so swiping them away could make the problem even worse. After you’ve calmed down from your initial fright, don’t hesitate to call professional pest control experts to remove the spider with as little risk as possible.


Effective Black Widow Spider Control Solutions

Discovering a black widow spider in your home can be scary for many reasons. As with other pest problems, your best bet in this situation is to bring in professional help. Doing so doesn’t have to be hard–just call Hulett! We even offer weekend and evening services, so you don’t have to stress about black widow spiders for long.

With more than 50 years of experience delivering top-quality pest control treatments, Hulett Environmental Services is a trusted choice for black widow control in south Florida. Our highly trained team of technicians has the knowledge and tools necessary to help eliminate the issue and restore your peace of mind. Get started today by requesting a free inspection or give us a call with questions about spider control services in south Florida!

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