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Jumping Spiders

Active Seasons

Appearance and Size Facts

  • Jumping spider females are generally larger than males
  • Among the most ornate of spiders
  • Many species are brightly colored and strikingly patterned
  • Stout bodies, short legs, and a very large pair of eyes on the front of the face
  • Size: 1/2 inch or shorter in length
  • Commonly seen around the home because they are active predators during the day

Behavior and Habitat of Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders are commonly seen around the home because they are active predators during the day. They will stalk to within a few body lengths of the prey, crouch, crawl slowly forward, and then lift the front legs and pounce. They accomplish their spectacular jumps by means of muscular contractions in the body that force body fluids into the legs, causing the legs to extend rapidly. Most jumping spiders feed on insects, while others feed primarily on web-building spiders. Jumping spiders can leap 10 to 40 times the length of their body. Jumping spiders are particularly diverse in tropical regions, but occur in areas ranging from rain forests to above the timberline on Mount Everest. More than 300 species have been described in the United States. They usually live outside near plant foliage, fences, walls, decks, and patios.

Signs of Infestation of Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders are likely to be observed outdoors in vegetation, rarely indoors.

Tips for Prevention of Jumping Spiders

Web removal with broom or vacuum.

Jumping Spider Gallery

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