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Asian Subterranean Termite Appearance and Size Facts

Similar to its cousin, the Formosan termite, the Asian subterranean termite lives underground and emerges in search of cellulose, a compound commonly found in wood. Asian subterranean termites can cause costly damage without you even knowing they’re there. However, if you do come across an Asian subterranean termite, some noticeable traits include:

  • Either dark brown or white in color
  • Colors vary based on the termite’s job in the colony
  • The most visible termite, the swarmer, is around 0.5 inches in length
  • Swarmers have long wings

Identifying Asian Subterranean Termites From Other Termites

Asian subterranean termites are often mistaken for the Formosan termite, though the two vary in color. The Formosan termite is characterized by its yellowish color throughout its body, while the Asian subterranean termite’s outer body is a darker brown, with the exception of worker termites, which are white in color and rarely seen above ground. 

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Behavior and Habitat of Asian Subterranean Termites

Asian subterranean termites typically stay underground, except for the rare swarm, which typically occurs in the spring. As Asian subterranean termites originate from tropical countries, they’re typically only found in two states, including Florida and Hawaii. Like other termite species, Asian subterranean termites need cellulose to survive. In fact, the Asian subterranean termite spread to the U.S. on a wooden ship. 

Signs of Infestation of Asian Subterranean Termites

Think your home may have Asian subterranean termites? Look for these signs of infestation:

  • A swarm, or large quantity of termites in a small area
  • Foraging tubes, which look like mud lines near your foundation or on wooden structures
  • Layered or waffled wood
  • Buckling wooden floors
  • Widened gaps in doors

Tips for Prevention of Asian Subterranean Termites

If you live in Florida or Hawaii, an infestation of Asian subterranean termites can still occur even if you’ve taken preventative measures, thanks to the humid, subtropical, or tropical climate. However, we still recommend taking some measures to make your home less susceptible to termites, such as:

  • Eliminating excess moisture throughout your home, including basements
  • Disposing of wet materials right away
  • Plugging leaks immediately
  • Ensuring all plants are at least a foot away from your home
  • Avoiding storing wood near your home

Getting Rid of Asian Subterranean Termites

If you think you have Asian subterranean termites, you’ll need to contact professional pest control services right away. Termite colonies can multiply into the thousands or millions right under your nose. Pest control professionals, like those at Hulett, will be able to help you get rid of the infestation and prevent further damage to your home. 

Effective Asian Subterranean Termite Control Solutions

Hulett has been a trusted name in Florida termite control for over 50 years, thanks to our friendly service and effective pest treatment methods. We’ll make sure you aren’t facing Asian subterranean termites on your own. Our pest technicians use the Sentricon baiting system to provide widespread subterranean termite elimination. Schedule a free inspection today or give us a call for prompt service. 

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