Is regular pest control service a good investment?

The Importance of Consistent Pest Control

Regular pest control service is a good investment as your pest control service technicians take stock of pest-prone areas in your home and on the perimeter of your property and can take steps to prevent pest infestations. A reliable pest control service, such as South Florida’s locally-owned and operated Hulett Environmental Services will create a pest-free boundary around your home, using family-friendly, pet-friendly, and environmentally-friendly methods and materials that deter pests, resulting in pest prevention.

Using a combination of liquid repellents and exterior baiting, your pest control service can protect your home from infestations and decrease pest pressure by supplying an external food source that will also help control potential colonies. A regular pest control program, alongside DIY steps that homeowners can take to make their homes less attractive to pests can make pest prevention a lot easier to manage than pest infestations! These steps include:

  • Cleaning your home regularly
  • Decluttering your home and yard
  • Wiping down all food prep and dining areas after each meal or snack
  • Vacuuming or sweeping all food and dining areas after each meal or snack
  • Washing dishes immediately after using them, so no food scraps are lingering on plates stacked in your sink
  • Storing all open food packages in the fridge or metal, glass, or hard plastic containers
  • Wiping up all spills in your pantry
  • Storing dry goods in metal, glass, or hard plastic containers
  • Eliminating or correcting any water-prone areas
  • Keeping gutters clean and downspouts draining properly
  • Keeping grass in your yard cut short
  • Eliminating any areas of dense vegetation on your property
  • Trimming branches away from your house
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all outside trash receptacles

Regular pest control is also a good investment in South Florida where pests are active year-round. With trained eyes on your home’s vulnerable areas, regular pest control service can give homeowners the peace of mind that Hulett’s Healthy Home program is known for. Just Call Hulett at (866) 611-BUGS today!

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