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What are Caribbean Crazy Ants?

Also known as Nylanderia Pubens, Caribbean Crazy Ants are reddish-brown ants that are about one-eighth of an inch long. They get their common name from their habit of running in an erratic, jerky manner when searching for food. While these ants aren’t necessarily dangerous, they can pose risks such as risks to the structure of your house and contaminating your food. We’ll walk through how to identify these ants and prevent them from invading your home or business. 

Behavior of Caribbean Crazy Ants 

Crazy Ants are an invasive species and are skilled at invading new areas. The weather often plays an important factor in where these ants settle as they typically prefer sub-tropical climates. Additionally, they are very good hitchhikers and can be transported to new areas as stowaways in cargo. In the U.S. these ants are found in South Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Houston, and surrounding areas of coastal Texas. 

Life Cycle of Caribbean Crazy Ants 

Colonies typically grow in warmer months with populations peaking in August and September. Although these ants usually nest outside, they will forage indoors in large numbers in cooler temperatures or after rainfall. Inside, crazy ants usually nest underneath floors or carpeting, inside wall voids, and soffits.

In the warm and humid environments that they prefer, Caribbean Crazy Ants can reproduce and establish new colonies quickly, making them a formidable pest species in many areas. By understanding the life cycle of these ants, you can take steps to control infestations and prevent further damage to your home and landscaping.

How to Control Caribbean Crazy Ants

Extremely large colonies result in massive infestations which can be difficult to treat, often requiring multiple treatments. Luckily, at Hulett Environmental Services, we have sustainable pest control treatments to help treat many different types of pests, including Caribbean Crazy Ants. Our team will conduct an initial inspection and then can set you up with a customized treatment plan for getting rid of Caribbean Crazy Ants for good.

Return to Living Pest Free with Hulett Environmental Services 

If you’re dealing with Caribbean Crazy Ants in your home or business, don’t wait to treat them. Our pest control experts at Hulett have been in the pest control industry for over 50 years and have the tools and expertise to treat pest infestation properly. Not sure what type of pest you’re dealing with? Schedule a free inspection today by giving our team a call or contacting us online.