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How Businesses and Homeowners Benefit from Bird Control

As a business or homeowner, we have got you covered for rodent control and bug control, but what about bird control? Commercial bird control services by a professional pest control company are just as critical to protecting your assets and businesses. Many aren’t aware of the damage that birds can cause or the health hazards that they can pose. In reality, birds can be a serious threat to your business, and you can benefit significantly from a bird reduction service.

The Health Hazards of Bird Droppings and Infestations

Birds, such as pigeons, crows, starlings and sparrows, bring a variety of health hazards to both your employees and patrons if they make their home in your business. Bird infestations and their droppings are able to transmit over 60 diseases, and although very uncommon, some may potentially be fatal. These include infection, as well as Avian Influenza and Tuberculosis, E. coli, Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Salmonellosis, and Psittacosis.

What’s concerning about these illnesses or diseases is that a person may not even have to directly contact a bird to be put at risk. These diseases may potentially be spread by breathing in microscopic particulate, fungi or dust that has been infected with bird droppings. This can be a scary environment for staff and patrons.

Symptoms of bird-borne diseases in humans include fever, headache, chills, muscle aches, and pneumonia-like symptoms with wheezing, coughing, or difficulty breathing. Cryptococcosis is particularly severe as it may potentially lead to the condition of cryptococcal meningitis.

The Hazards of Bird-Related Property Damage

Your business is likely one of your most substantial assets. Protecting your business from property damage and unnecessary expenses should be your primary goal. A professional bird control service can help you do this.

You may see a few birds perched on your roof or windowsill and think it’s harmless; that it’s just resting. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. This could lead to greater activity, nesting, and even infestation. Bird droppings and nesting can lead to serious hazards and costly repairs.

Bird Droppings

Sure, bird droppings are annoying and gross, but did you know that they can cause significant property damage to your business? Corrosive and staining bird droppings can damage roofing, gutters, paint, shingles, awnings, etc.. Droppings may even damage electrical equipment, potentially causing an expensive nuisance that may interfere with business operations. Fixing just one of these items is expensive on its own, but if you have a severe bird problem, to resolve these issues could be very costly. Bird pest control can help prevent any damage before it occurs.

Bird Nesting

Bird nests can be another concern for business owners. When birds make a home in, or on, your building, they can clog gutters, cause extensive roof damage, damage fascia, plug chimneys or air ducts, block drains, and ruin the insulation. Bird nests may also be home to a series of lice, mites, and other insects, all of which could potentially invade your home or place of business. A professional pest control company that specializes in bird control will know how to help reduce and prevent these animals from building a home at your place of business, and how to safely reduce future or current activity.

Commercial Bird Control Services

You don’t have to wait for birds to make their home in your business before taking action. A proactive commercial bird control service can help safeguard and protect your building against the animals even before they’ve become a nuisance. If you do have a bird problem, contact a professional right away for recommended solutions to help stop any additional damage.

Contact Hulett Environmental Services for your humane bird control needs. A trained Hulett professional will complete a thorough inspection of your property to evaluate the current activity, perching areas, areas conducive to bird nesting, entry points that need to be excluded, etc. We will then develop an integrated bird reduction program for you and your family to eliminate perching areas and thereby reduce activity, nesting, droppings.

If there are any entry points that the birds are using to gain access to your home or business for nesting, these can be excluded with bird wire, wire mesh, or bird netting. If there are areas which birds are perching, and you are having an issue with droppings, these perching sites can be eliminated by the use of bird spikes, bird sloping, bird gel, or bird wire. And if your business is having a general bird activity issue in a large, enclosed or semi-enclosed space, humane ultrasonic devices can be used that act as a bird irritant and can help to prevent them from roosting.

There are many different techniques that can be utilized within an integrated program, so it is best to consult a professional that can discuss with you the best options for your home or business. When an integrated approach is utilized with a combination of strategies based on the specific issues of the property, bird perching and activity can be greatly reduced to help protect your home or business. If you currently have a bird problem and are looking for a solution, contact Hulett Environmental Services today.

Protect Your Largest Asset

We know how important your business and its reputation are. Take steps to protect your largest asset today. Hulett will send a pest control expert to your property for a free inspection and evaluation. Our experts will inspect your property and make the proper recommendations to protect your business.

Additionally, you can ask our pest control experts online for their opinion from the comfort of your own home, entirely for free. Simply upload pictures of areas at your business that you may be concerned about and submit them for our experts to review. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Damage incurred from birds can be hazardous, costly, and may tarnish the reputation of your establishment. Don’t let birds get the best of you. Contact an expert to protect your business today.