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Florida Pest Control in Highland Beach

When you spot pest troubles in your Highland Beach residence or business, don’t wait to take action. With the hot, humid climate of Highland Beach, pests are bound to flock to the area. Whether you reside right along the water or your home is tucked away into a neighborhood off of S Ocean Boulevard, Hulett’s team of pest professionals can be there to help in no time with same-day and weekend services.

At Hulett Environmental Services, we offer sustainable pest control solutions to keep your home or business pest-free. Our technicians are trained by board-certified entomologists, and we’ve been in the pest control business for over 50 years. No matter what type of pest you’re dealing with or looking to prevent, we have a solution at Hulett. Contact our team today to set up a free inspection! 

Green Pest Control Solutions for Your Highland Beach, FL, Home

We’re committed to providing environmentally-friendly pest control solutions to protect you and your household from being exposed to harmful chemicals. Our team utilizes low-impact products with a targeted approach, leading to more consistent and effective results than DIY or less advanced methods. 

A few of the pests we treat in Highland Beach, FL, include:

Termite Control in Highland Beach

Termites are one of the most difficult pests to deal with, as they are experts at burrowing in and eating unseen wooden structures in your home 24/7/365. Luckily, at Hulett, we have effective termite treatments available to get rid of termites for good. 

Our termite treatment offerings include tent fumigation and tentless treatment options for drywood termites, along with a range of solutions for subterranean termites. Whether you’re looking for a tenting solution for a severe drywood termite infestation, or want a comprehensive termite protection and prevention plan, the Hulett team has a solution for you.

Rodent Control in Highland Beach, FL

Spotting a mouse or rat inside your home or business can be alarming. Attempting to treat rodent infestation alone is not always safe or effective, especially as many rodents carry harmful bacteria and diseases. At Hulett, we have safe and effective ways to remove rodents from your property and keep them out for good.

Pest Control Services for Your Highland Beach Lawn

In addition to traditional pest control treatments, we also offer lawn pest control and spraying services at Hulett. We can help you prevent and control lawn-destroying insects, while also providing you with advanced fertilization and weed control solutions. Looking to eliminate some of your most bothersome outdoor pests so you can get back to enjoying your lawn? No worries – the Hulett team can also help with fire ant control, and mosquito control!

Pest Control Solutions for Your Highland Beach, FL, Business

We understand that maintaining a clean work environment is important. Hulett is proud to partner up with businesses in Highland Beach to keep pests under control. Pests, such as rodents, can pose a health hazard in many workplaces, and become a threat to business operations. At Hulett, we have your back and will help you keep the pests out. 

Common industries we serve with top-of-the-line bug control, termite control, bird control, and rodent control and exclusion services include:

Schedule Your Free Inspection in Highland Beach with Hulett

Don’t go a pest infestation alone. Our pest control experts at Hulett are here to help with everything from pest prevention to immediate pest control. We offer same-day inspections and weekend and evening services for your convenience. 

Not sure which type of pest you’re dealing with? Just call Hulett today to schedule a free inspection! One of our residential or commercial exterminators will be happy to assist you.

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