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Pest Control & Termite Control in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Located just a few miles from Florida’s Atlantic coast, Royal Palm Beach is one of the Sunshine State’s hidden gems. A population of around 40,000 happy residents calls this little slice of heaven home for its year-round sunshine, easy beach access, and long list of luxurious things to do. And with an affordable cost of living and West Palm Beach just minutes away, it’s easy to understand why Royal Palm Beach is such a blossoming community.

Life in Royal Palm Beach does come with some cause for concern, however, primarily in the form of several bothersome pests. If you find yourself dealing with a bug or rodent problem at your home or business, call in the pros at Hulett Environmental Services. We offer expert Royal Palm Beach pest control services tested to be green and effective. Our friendly exterminators deliver service you can depend on, as proven by our reputation as one of the top 25 pest control companies in the United States. Contact us online to schedule a free same-day inspection today!

Hulett offers Royal Palm Beach pest control services near the following areas:

  • La Mancha
  • The Acreage
  • Loxahatchee
  • Portosol
  • Golden Lakes
  • Royal Palm Estates
  • And more

Green Pest Control Solutions for Your Royal Palm Beach, FL, Home

It may feel satisfying to step on a spider or smack a fly out of the air, but whatever DIY methods of pest control you try, your efforts won’t come close to the effectiveness and reliability of Hulett’s expert treatments. We’re a GreenPro-certified company, so we’ve demonstrated a strong commitment to providing trustworthy and reliable pest control services. Our exterminators are trained by a team of board-certified entomologists to ensure our green pest control treatments in Royal Palm Beach are climate-conscious and pet-friendly

You never know what type of pest problem will come your way. As such, Hulett’s exterminators are prepared to treat pest problems of any shape or size. Our Healthy Home pest control service is a comprehensive option that covers many pests commonly found in south Florida homes. If you require a more specific service like bedbug control, termite control, or rodent control for your home or commercial space, Hulett also offers targeted treatments.

We offer solutions tailored to many types of pests, including:

Termite Control & Termite Treatment in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Arguably the worst pest you can find as a homeowner or business proprietor is termites. These tiny critters devour the wood in your building’s foundation until severe damage has been done. If you discover signs of a termite infestation such as mud tubes or cracks in drywall or paint, quickly bring in professional termite assistance from Hulett. 

We offer Royal Palm Beach termite control and no-tent termite treatments that can wipe out your termite terrors. Additionally, our annual termite warranty and pre-construction termite treatment services can keep your property protected from the ground up.

Rodent Control & Exterminators in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Having rodents in your home or business can cause major problems with your property, stress levels, and even personal health. There are DIY pest control methods like glue traps and snap traps you can buy, but if you need to get rid of a rodent problem fast and with safety in mind, you should invest in professional care. 

The Hulett team offers options for rodent control in Royal Palm Beach with several services including trapping, monitoring, and exclusion. Our exterminators have the tools and expertise to drive out mice, rats, or other rodents of any size, and help you identify the best ways to keep them out for good.

Lawn Pest Control & Lawn Fertilization in Royal Palm Beach, FL

There are few sights more enjoyable as a homeowner than a perfect green lawn. Unfortunately, maintaining such a sight takes a lot of work. This is especially the case when dealing with the prolific Florida weeds and plant diseases, many of which can spread across your yard faster than water from the sprinkler. In response, Hulett offers high-quality lawn care services in Royal Palm Beach that will keep your lawn in tiptop shape, including spraying, fertilization, weed control, fungal disease control, and more.

The issues with your yard may also come from the many different lawn pests frequently found in south Florida. In an effort to fight back, Hulett offers options for lawn pest control in Royal Palm Beach with treatments tailored toward fire ant control, mosquito control, and other common lawn pests.

Commercial Pest Control Solutions for Your Royal Palm Beach Business

One of the biggest potential liabilities you face as a business owner or manager is the chance of a pest infestation, as your profits can take a serious hit as your reputation dips. To keep things humming along smoothly, Hulett offers a wide range of commercial pest control services in Royal Palm Beach. 

We offer a range of solutions for business pests. You can rely on us for everything from bed bug control, fly control, and spider control all the way to bird control and rodent exclusion. We also offer general pest management and disinfecting services to help you keep workers and patrons safe and healthy.

A few industries our commercial exterminators often work with include:

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Do you have a pest problem in your Royal Palm Beach home or business? Don’t panic—just call Hulett! We offer a variety of options for pest control in Royal Palm Beach including evening and weekend pest control services. Our friendly team of exterminators is highly trained and has expert treatments proven to be green and effective in resolving your issue once and for all. Contact us today to schedule a free same-day inspection!

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