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Pest Control and Termite Control in Fellsmere, FL

In Fellsmere, like in other parts of south Florida, the humid and hot weather creates an attractive climate for pests. Wherever you’re at in Fellsmere or Indian River County, you’ve likely witnessed a few of the many different types of pests that flock to our area for the high moisture and warmth. Luckily, at Hulett Environmental Services, we have sustainable pest control solutions to keep your Fellsmere residence or business pest-free. Schedule your free pest inspection today to get started! 

Green Pest Control Solutions for Your Fellsmere, FL, Home

At Hulett, we’re committed to providing eco-friendly pest control treatments that protect you and your family from harmful chemicals. Our team of pest control experts has the tools and expertise to quickly identify and safely treat pests on your property. Plus, with the use of low-impact products, you won’t have to worry about putting your family or pets at risk to eliminate pests with our pest control methods.

Pests we treat in the Fellsmere area include:

Termite Control & Termite Treatment in Fellsmere, FL

Termites are one of the most difficult pests to detect and treat. Burrowing and chewing inside wooden structures, 24/7/365, termites still often go unnoticed until severe damage has already been done. However, the exterminators at Hulett have the experience to effectively treat termite infestation. We offer both tent fumigation and non-tent services at Hulett. We also offer preventative and pre-construction termite treatments to help you protect the investment you have in your property against subterranean termites, too.

Our cutting-edge tentless treatments are a hassle-free approach to treating drywood termites. However, if we’re dealing with a more severe drywood termite infestation, we offer the necessary tent fumigation options. Additionally, we offer a number of treatment methods for subterranean termites. Not sure what type of termites are infesting your property? Our termite experts can help you find out with a free inspection.

Ant Control in Fellsmere, FL, Near Mesa Motocross Park

In Fellsmere, FL, battling ant infestations can be a persistent challenge due to Florida’s humid climate, which attracts various ant species seeking food and shelter. At Hulett Environmental Services, we understand the nuisance and potential health risks associated with ant invasions. With over 50 years of experience in pest control, our team of certified pest control technicians is equipped to tackle ant problems effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s fire ants, carpenter ants, or sugar ants, our comprehensive ant control services cover identification, ant treatment, and prevention. We utilize eco-friendly pest control solutions to ensure the safety of your family and pets while effectively eliminating ant colonies from your property. From thorough ant inspections to targeted treatments, we’re dedicated to providing tailored pest control solutions to keep your Fellsmere residence or business ant-free.

Rodent Control and Exterminators Near Fellsmere Skate Park

Many types of rodents carry bacteria and diseases, and they’re not the easiest to trap or remove from your property. Let the pest control professionals at Hulett effectively remove rodents from your home or business. Whether you’re dealing with one rodent or an entire infestation, we have the tools to quickly help identify and remove rodents from your space without putting your family or pets at risk. 

Lawn Pest Control & Weed Control Services for Your Fellsmere Lawn

Hulett is proud to offer expert lawn pest control in Fellsmere. Whether your lawn is infested with turf-eating insects or you’re looking for advanced fertilization options for your grasses, ornamentals, and shrubs, we have solutions at Hulett. We provide lawn spraying and fertilization services based on your needs, and can even help you with highly effective fire ant and mosquito control solutions! 

Commercial Pest Control Solutions for Your Business in Fellsmere, FL

Our team of pest control technicians at Hulett are all trained by board-certified entomologists. Additionally, we have been in the pest control industry for over 50 years and have experience offering a range of pest services, including fly control, rodent control, bird control, and more. When you have a pest problem, lean on the team at Hulett. 

We’re proud to offer commercial exterminator services in Fellsmere. Common industries we serve include:

  • HOAs and subdivisions
  • Apartments
  • Retail spaces
  • Health care facilities

Schedule Your Free Pest Inspection and Eliminate Fellsmere, FL, Pests

Don’t wait to treat pest infestation. At Hulett, we offer evening and weekend pest control services, allowing you to have the reassurance that our team will swiftly identify the pest infestation and set up a pest treatment and pest prevention plan. Whether you’re looking for residential pest control or commercial pest control in Fellsmere, you’ll find it here. Just call Hulett to schedule your free inspection today!

Additional Areas We Provide Pest Control for in Indian River County

We offer pest control services in these areas surrounding Fellsmere:

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