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How much does a termite treatment cost?

How difficult are termites to treat? Recent consumer research suggests that over 70% of homeowners feel that professional pest control services are more effective than do it yourself treatments; however, this is not to say that some pests are not more difficult to treat than others, even for professionals. Termites are social insects meaning that they live in large groups and by the time homeowners notice termite damage there is typically a significant infestation.  However, the industry continues to invest time and money to develop new products and methods to treat these and all other pests.  Our continuing education programs help to enhance current member knowledge about the most up to date treatment options. Termites are just one pest and although they pose large property threats it is important to also remember how many other pests pose public health threats.  More and more consumers are turning to pest control professionals to help them treat this growing threat – a recent national survey found that consumers are more aware of pest-related diseases and the pests that transmit them then ever before. How much does a termite treatment cost? The cost of a termite treatment depends upon the extent of the infestation and damage making it difficult to generalize to a specific price.  Most companies will complete an initial inspection for free and depending on their findings will develop a comprehensive treatment program. Why should I choose Hulett Environmental Services? How can I tell the difference between a flying ant and a termite? What is a termite swarm, and what should I do if I experience one? What is the difference between a Drywood termite and a Subterranean termite? What treatment method would Hulett recommend to protect my home from termites? My home is built of concrete block, so do I still need to worry about termites? Does Hulett offer a termite warranty? Will termites go away on their own after termite season passes? Could there be termites on my property right now moving towards my home? Still have a question?