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No Tent Fumigation: Advantages of the No Tent Approach

Several different types of termites can cause expensive, time-consuming headaches for South Florida homeowners, including native and invasive drywood, dampwood and subterranean wood–eaters. When young drywood reproductives, aka alates, swarm, usually once a year, winged termite couples can enter your home through tiny cracks in the wood, on any floor of your home. Once inside, the young couple seals the opening and gets busy growing a new termite colony. Because drywood termites live inside the wood they are infesting, they may go unnoticed for years, until they do extensive damage to timber structures, hardwood flooring, doors and windows, home furnishings, attics, fascia boards and wooden frames as well as support timbers in stucco and brick homes.

Tell-tale signs of a drywood termite infestation can involve swarming and frass

Typically infesting sound, non-decaying wood in older homes, drywood termites are well adapted to dry environments, doing the best at 60°F, but have been known to survive at 110°F, as well. Drywood termites have a thicker cuticle than other types of termites; this added protection helps them retain body moisture, plus these termites efficiently reabsorb water from their excrement that form distinctive, pellet shapes, known as “frass.” If you have noticed what looks like a pile of sawdust near wooden features in your home, you may be in the grips of a drywood termite infestation. Additionally, should you encounter winged alates swarming inside your home, or notice pairs of wings near windows or light sources, there’s a distinct possibility, you need to contact a trustworthy and reliable professional pest control company, such as Hulett Environmental Services. Available when you are, we will arrange a convenient time to conduct a free termite inspection. Our entomologist trained termite specialists can assess your situation and set up a convenient time to get your home back on track to good health, as soon as possible.

Tent or No Tent Termite Fumigation

As a South Florida homeowner, you’ve probably seen tents for fumigation going up, turning houses into temporary circus tents. For over 45 years, Hulett has tented thousands of South Florida homes with excellent results but the good news is that the evolution in liquid materials to combat drywood termites may make tent fumigation unnecessary, except in cases of multiple infestations.

How does “no tent” fumigation work?

An advanced non-repellent material, introduced to termite colonies, is directly injected into existing drywood termite galleries. Because the materials are non-repellent, drywood workers don’t avoid these materials in their busy schedules, moving food and supplies around to different areas of drywood termite nests. Workers coming into contact with the other termites in the colony, eventually infect the queen, through transfer of the liquid material, from one termite to another termite, throughout the colony. Once the queen is infected, it’s only a matter of time before the colony collapses. As a preventive measure, common termite entry points are treated to deter future infestations.

Hulett’s No Tent termite control for drywood termites saves time and money

In some cases, the No Tent option offered by Hulett eliminates the need to tent your home and “move out” for a few days. It also means you don’t have to pack up all of the food, medicine and other sensitive items from your home. Say goodbye to:

  • Upending your family’s entire routine and spending money on hotel or rental accommodations
  • Moving plants and flowers out of harm’s way
  • Removing all food that is not canned from your home
  • Removing all medications and cosmetics from the area
  • Potential roof and landscape damage
  • Special tree and shrub trimming and pruning to accommodate tents
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting satellite dishes and antennas

During your free in-home inspection, our trained termite technicians will determine if your home is a candidate for the No Tent option and make recommendations based on their expertise. At Hulett, we are committed to your satisfaction and devoted to resolving any issues that may arise in termite control around your home as soon as humanly possible. Because we know you’re busy, we offer flexible appointment times to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

Hulett’s Healthy Home Guarantee offers year-round protection from pests

In South Florida, it’s a great idea to protect your home from termites year-round. Our Annual Termite Protection Program creates a protective barrier around your property, to give you the peace of mind that comes with relying on a local company with over 45 years of experience and expertise in keeping South Florida homes and families protected from all manner of household pests. Building on three generations, the Hulett Family Team guides clients to the most responsible, effective and affordable pest control services in South Florida. It’s our Healthy Home Guarantee!