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Top Five Most Venomous Spiders

If spiders don’t already send you running in the other direction, these top five most venomous spiders ought to. Not only do they look unsettling; these arachnids possess dangerously potent venom. Getting bitten by one could have devastating consequences.

Being aware of what these spiders look like and what they’re capable of can help you decide when it’s better to smoosh or stay far away from an eight-legged visitor. Should you encounter any of the following top five most venomous spiders in your Florida home, don’t hesitate to protect your family and call Hulett Environment Services for professional spider control. 

5. Redback Spider

Redback Spider

Photo source: Australia Wide First Aid 

The redback spider resides in the same family as the Black Widow and is very toxic as well. It normally resides in Australia, and can easily be noticed from the dark red stripe running down its back. Serious symptoms of the bite are known to include seizures, comas, or even respiratory failure.

4. Black Widow

Black Widow Spider

Photo source: My Interesting Facts

When thinking of venomous spiders, the black widow is likely to spring to mind, along with the famous brown recluse spider. Black widow spiders are known for their dangerous bites, so it’s no surprise they’re on our list. The black widow’s bite is known to cause latrodectism, or muscle spasms, throughout the body. It only needs to deliver a dosage of 0.0002mg/kg of venom in order to kill its prey. 

Though they typically hunt insects, the black widow will bite humans when they feel threatened. It’s unlikely that a black widow bite will kill an adult, but can still cause illness and should always be treated right away.

3. Sydney Funnel-web Spider

Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Photo Source: Spiderzrule

The Sydney funnel-web spider is known as one of the most venomous spiders on Earth. Instead of giving smaller bites, this spider always injects a full amount of venom into their victim. Atracotoxin, a chemical in its venom compound, is very dangerous to primates, including humans, and most especially children.

These shiny, dark brown arachnids are mostly located in Southeast Australia; however, some are kept in Florida as exotic pets.

2. Six-eyed Sand Spider

Six Eyed Sand Spider

Photo source: UWLAX

Native to southern Africa, the six-eyed sand spider is only about two inches wide, and it’s reddish-brown to yellow in color without many distinct markings. Although still very dangerous, this spider doesn’t usually live near humans and isn’t the most aggressive. Therefore, bites are generally uncommon. It’s a cousin of recluses, another species of spider, although the venom is much more potent. Their bite is known to cause necrosis, blood clots, and extreme bleeding which may even result in death.

1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Photo source: YouTube

In 2010, the Guinness World Records named this as the most venomous spider on Earth. It is extremely aggressive, and its vicious bite causes breathing problems and eventually asphyxiation. Even after receiving an antidote, humans have still been known to perish after being bitten by this dangerous creature. 

These large spiders are four to five inches in size with distinctly red jaws. They’re commonly known as “banana spiders,” and have a reputation for hitching rides from Latin America to other countries through shipments of bananas.

Spider Control With Hulett Environmental Services

An encounter with any one of these top five most venomous spiders can run the risk of being deadly. If you’re finding venomous, or just regular, spiders in Florida around your home, it’s time to contact the professionals at Hulett Environmental Services. Schedule your free inspection today to get spider control in South Florida!