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Norway Rat Appearance and Size Facts

As one of the most resilient and adaptable rodent species, Norway rats have earned a reputation for being versatile and troublesome. These ground-dwelling rodents live in diverse habitats ranging from urban to rural settings and are commonly found in basements, sewers, and other locations inside homes and commercial buildings. Due to their adaptability, Norway rats are considered major pests that require professional intervention for effective control. A few features of Norway rats include:

  • Brown-gray color. Norway rats are also known as brown rats.
  • Up to 11 inches long. These rats can grow to be big and long.
  • Long, thin tail. Norway rats’ tails are average length, sometimes as long as their bodies.
  • Blunt nose. Their nose is less pointed, making them better for burrowing into the ground.

Identifying Norway Rats From Other Rodents

Norway rats are frequently mistaken for other rodent species, including their close relatives, the roof rat. However, a distinguishing feature of a true Norway rat is its robust body and blunt nose. While both species can range in color from brown to gray, Norway rats are also generally larger, with a body length that can reach up to 11 inches, not including the tail. Their tails are shorter compared to their body length, unlike roof rats, which have longer tails relative to their bodies. 

Additionally, Norway rats are more likely to be found on lower levels of structures or in underground burrows, which differentiates them from roof rats in some cases. Knowing how to differentiate between these species is key to effective extermination for residential pest control and commercial pest control – luckily rodent pest control professionals can help.

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Behavior and Habitat of Norway Rats

Norway rats in Florida exhibit highly adaptable behavior and can thrive in a wide range of habitats, making them one of the toughest rodents to deal with. They’re primarily nocturnal, doing most of their foraging under the cover of darkness to avoid predators and human interaction. While they are excellent swimmers and climbers, they typically stay close to the ground, nesting in underground burrows, crawl spaces, or the lower levels of buildings. 

Norway rats can be dangerous, but the reasons for this are varied. Norway rats can carry dangerous diseases and parasites, such as dysentery, salmonella, and hantavirus. They can also transmit rat-bite fever with a simple bite and can carry fleas. These rats also feed on anything from household garbage to the foundation of your home. This is a major risk, as they may chew through your building’s wood, insulation, and electrical wiring.

Signs of Infestation of Norway Rats

Since Norway rats are mainly active at night and tend to shy away from human activity, you’re more likely to encounter them in the dark or infrequently accessed spaces like basements or storage areas. One of the most telling signs of a Norway rat infestation is the presence of burrows or tunnels, usually noticeable as small openings in the ground. Additionally, gnaw marks on wooden structures or stored materials can also indicate the presence of Norway rats.

Tips for Prevention of Norway Rats

Wondering how to prevent Norway rats from getting into your home or workplace? Focus on making sure your surroundings are not an attractive place for them to be. Seal any cracks or openings in your home’s foundation, walls, or roofing to prevent rats from entering, and regularly inspect for signs of gnawing or burrowing around the premises. Good sanitation is also crucial. Store food in airtight containers and promptly dispose of garbage (preferably into sealed bins).

Remove any water sources, such as leaky pipes or puddles, as Norway rats are attracted to areas with easy access to water. Keep your yard clean by removing debris and trimming overgrown vegetation that may provide cover for these pests, especially close to the walls. Store firewood, garden equipment, and other items off the ground and away from your home. 


Getting Rid of Norway Rats

Spotting a Norway rat in your home is both stress-inducing and indicates a potential health risk. If you’re facing a Norway rat infestation, the best bet is to call professional help. Rodent control professionals, like those at Hulett, can help you assess the gravity of a Norway rat infestation, and develop a control plan for the rats. For large homes and commercial spaces, rat monitoring and baiting systems can even be used to help assess ongoing rodent problems and identify points of entry. As your active rodent problem is being solved, pest professionals can also help you find and seal the gaps and cracks that allowed Norway rats into your living space, preventing a return of rodent problems.


Effective Norway Rat Control Solutions

If Norway rats are causing you trouble in your home or place of business, don’t worry—just call Hulett! With over 50 years of top-notch service under our belts, Hulett Environmental Services is your trusted source for rodent control and any other pest problems you encounter in South Florida.

Our team of friendly expert technicians has the tools and knowledge necessary to free you from the burdens of your rodent issue. With proven pet-friendly treatments and techniques, we will restore your peace of mind in no time. Ready to get started? Request a free inspection or give us a call with any questions about our services for Norway rats in Florida! We even offer weekend and evening services, so you can get your peace of mind back ASAP.

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