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Termite Treatments

The type of termite treatment that’s best for your home depends on several factors including; type of termites you have, age and construction of the home and the severity of the overall infestation. Typically when customers think of termite treatments they think of fumigation however, today there are other options for homeowners depending on their unique situation.

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Tenting For Drywood Termite…Or Not?

In the fight against termites, there are two common drywood termite treatments. The first is fumigation, commonly known as tenting for termites. The second is the no-tent treatment option. Hulett normally recommends utilizing Hulett’s “No-Tent” Termite Treatment however in certain circumstances tenting your home might be a necessary course of action. Tenting requires homeowners to leave the home during treatment which is why we opt for no-tent whenever the situation allows. Fumigation is an exact science that requires skill, experience, and knowledge to ensure your home and family are protected. When preparing to have your home tented, make sure that every family member (including pets and houseplants) have somewhere to go for the duration of the procedure. Before a tenting procedure, you must open all rooms. Medications, food, or food preparation items will need to be removed off site.

“No-Tent” drywood termite treatment consist of a liquid solution being injected directly into termite galleries found within the home. With this option, there’s no need to remove food, personal items, or medications. A Hulett professional will be able to advise you about which drywood termite treatment is right for your situation.

Subterranean Termite Treatments

Subterranean termite treatments often consist of a liquid defensive barrier placed around your home. (Hulett’s liquid defense is offered with a million dollar damage warranty to retreat and repair any post-treatment, new subterranean termite damage.) These subterranean termite treatments can kill the colony quickly, and have helped millions of homes rid themselves of termites. Another subterranean termite treatment is the termite baiting system, where termite bait stations are placed in areas where termite traffic is high. The termites eat the bait, and carry it back to the colony causing colony collapse as the bait is shared.

What About Home Remedies Or Do-It-Yourself Termite Control?

While a variety of termite control techniques are available for purchase at home improvement stores, they are not recommended. Why? One of the biggest reasons is do it yourself treatments can often exasperate the problem when treatments are applied improperly actually causing termites to spread out and simply move away from the treated area. Hulett’s subterranean termite treatments are offered with a damage warranty up to a million dollars to retreat and repair damage caused by a new termite infestation or post-treatment damage. Home remedies provide no guarantees against damage and can end up costing homeowners more in the long run. Just Call Hulett today to schedule your free termite inspection.