How can I protect my home against future termite infestations?

Hulett’s Annual Termite Treatment & Defense Plan

Be sure to ask about our Annual Termite Treatment and Defense Plan, available exclusively at Hulett Environmental Services. For the best results when it comes to termite prevention, we recommend regularly scheduled treatments throughout the year.

The Hulett Annual Termite Treatment and Defense Plan is a low-cost plan that includes certain preventative maintenance, including a FREE perimeter spray with each plan renewal. When you sign up for the plan, if termites come back to your home, so do we–at no extra cost whatsoever.

The team at Hulett will help you develop a custom, individualized termite prevention plan complete with a schedule for inspection and maintenance to ward off the bugs for years to come. Possible defense tactics may include a preventative treatment, liquid defense system, termite baiting, and more.

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