Termite Treatment Options with Hulett Environmental Services

Termite Control with Hulett Environmental Services

Different types of termites require different types of services, and Hulett provides all of the most effective and environmentally responsible treatments!

Drywood Termites: Drywood termites require treatments such as Hulett’s structural (tent) fumigation or Hulett’s “No Tent” Termite Control. Both services are extremely effective and Hulett can help you decide which one works best for you during your FREE inspection.

Tent fumigation requires the highest degree of skill and that is why very few companies offer this service. Hulett is a member of Dow AgroSciences “Commitment to Excellence” program. This program is a certification of quality and excellence. Companies that have this certification have a proven track record of high quality services and meticulous standards. Hulett has been a member of the “Commitment to Excellence” program since its beginning.

Another option, Hulett’s “No Tent” Termite Treatment, does not require you to leave your home. Unlike tent fumigation, there is no need to remove plants or flowers, uncanned foods, cosmetics or medications. Additionally, there is no risk of landscaping or roof damage, no disconnecting of satellite dishes or antennas, and no special tree trimming required. It’s the hassle free termite solution, and it is Guaranteed!

Once termites are located, Hulett’s No Tent Treatment will eliminate the damaging termites. We will also use a residual material at key entry points to help keep them from coming back. It is the use of such pioneering techniques that keeps Hulett out in front of the competition.

Subterranean Termites: Subterranean termites are eliminated using methods such as Hulett’s Liquid Defense Treatment or a Termite Baiting System.

Hulett’s Liquid Defense Treatment creates an invisible liquid barrier around your home. This method has become America’s number one termite treatment with over 2,000,000 homes treated!

Baiting systems provide a food source for termites and then use an insect growth regulator to eliminate the colony.

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