Why is ant control important?

How to Keep Your Home Ant-Free

While ants in South Florida homes are mostly considered nuisance pests, ants can contaminate food and ruin unopened dried goods in your pantry. Groceries are expensive, and it is a shame to have to throw away food because it is infested with ants. It is important to deter ants by removing all food and water sources from your kitchen and bathroom. Do this by cleaning up all food spills and leftovers, plus sweeping or vacuuming food prep and dining areas after each snack or meal. This deters ants from wanting to come into your home.


Preventative Ant Control in South Florida

With that being said, preventative pest control with ants is advised. Some ants, such as carpenter ants can nest inside hollowed out and damaged wood in attics, decks, fascia, railings, tree cavities, fence posts, etc. Some ants in your yard can be a concern for some homeowners. Fire ants, for example, leave a very painful bite that can be itchy, and even cause allergic reactions in some. Fire ants can sting in large numbers if their nest is disturbed. Bites are mild for most people, but sensitive and allergic individuals may experience stronger effects of fire ant bites, including swelling, redness and in rare cases, anaphylaxis. Sometimes, medical treatment is even needed. Fortunately, fire ants build their mounds in open areas in yards, and not within the home. But, if children and pets are often in the yard, you will want to get it treated.

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