Why Should I Hire A Professional When I Can Try To Do It Myself?

The Risks of DIY Pest Control

A Hulett professional not only has the latest and most effective products, but also the education and knowledge to get the job done right.

  • A Hulett professional knows the habits, life cycles, food preferences, and harborage areas of the pest he/she is treating.
  • A Hulett professional can tell the difference between the many insects that exist in South Florida and knows that each has its own prescribed methods of control.
  • A Hulett professional knows how to handle products safely, when and where to apply them, and how much application is necessary.
  • A thorough inspection by a Hulett professional can spot possible problems before they become serious and therefore limit the amount of products that need to be applied.
  • A Hulett professional knows many non-toxic ways of managing an insect infestation including habitat modification, exclusion techniques, the use of growth regulators and the proper use of baits.

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