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West Balm Peach, FL, Rodent Control

The crown jewel of Palm Beach County and the oldest incorporated southeast Florida city, West Palm Beach is filled to the brim with vivid culture and rich history. WPB is a natural paradise with more than 50 parks and a beach nearby. Orchid City’s unique blend of historical and modern architecture makes it a one-of-a-kind community. 

While you’re bound to live a happy, peaceful life in West Palm Beach, your serenity can be disrupted by rodent infestations. Not only can mice and rats cause serious damage to your home, but they also carry diseases that can infect you, your family, or other pests they bring with them, like fleas.

When rodents encroach on your home, you can feel unsettled and unsure of what to do next. Hulett is here to help with quick, easy rodent control solutions! Voted one of the Best Businesses in Palm Beach, the West Palm Beach community has counted on Hulett for helping solve pest problems for over 50 years! Visit our West Palm Beach location, give us a call, or schedule your free inspection today. 

Identifying a Rodent Infestation in West Palm Beach

Count on the professionals at Hulett to help identify the next steps for solving your rodent problem. Our comprehensive inspections are free of charge and sometimes available same-day!

Not sure if you have rodents? Look for these signs:

  • Sounds of scurrying, especially at night 
  • Teeth marks from gnawing
  • Small black curved fecal matter left behind

Getting Rid of Rodents in West Palm Beach

Hulett has three simple options for solving your rat or mouse infestation: trap, monitor, and exclude. For getting a handle on the issue, we’ll set traps with non-toxic bait or we’ll monitor locked, tamper-proof food bait traps with rodenticide. Have beloved pets at home? Not to worry, we ensure our solutions are pet-friendly for your fur babies!

Rodent Prevention and Exclusion in West Palm Beach

We don’t just want to solve your rodent problem, we want to prevent it from happening again. Our rodent exclusion service stops future infestations by finding and sealing potential entryways you may not even know exist. A pest professional will install screens if necessary to prevent rats from entering your building.

Keep a Healthy, Rodent-Free West Palm Beach Home With Hulett Environmental

You don’t have to face rodent infestations alone. As part of our Hulett Healthy Home strategy, Hulett Environmental offers environmentally and pet-friendly pest control solutions. With 50 years of experience serving West Palm Beach, you can count on us to pest-proof your home.

We strive to serve you at the time that’s most convenient for you, so we offer evening and weekend inspections so you don’t have to miss work. When possible, we also offer same-day inspections so we can serve you ASAP. Schedule an inspection from our pest professionals today and reclaim your home!

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