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For over 50 years, Hulett has tented thousands of homes and buildings throughout South Florida! When Drywood Termites can be found throughout your home in various parts of the attic, facia, or walls, then fumigating a home is likely the best treatment option to ensure that all the drywood termites are controlled throughout the entire home, even in the hard to access areas.

If your home or business is infested with termites, and we are able to determine through detailed inspection that the infestation is localized and was detected early in development, then Hulett may recommend the Hulett "No Tent" Termite Treatment. However, under certain circumstances, having your home tented and fumigated may be the only course of action.

Douglas Products "Commitment to Excellence" Program — Hulett is and has been a member of the Douglas Products "Commitment to Excellence" Program since its inception in 2000. Under the auspices of Douglas Products, admission into the program requires extensive and continuous training, with special emphasis on all mandatory safety practices including proper aeration and the use of secondary locks. To ensure that all members maintain the high standards established by the program, a series of written examinations must be passed without exception.

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Drywood Termite Fumigation for a Healthy Home Environment


Fumigation is an exact science that requires skill, experience, and knowledge to make sure that the drywood termites are controlled, but also to make sure that the fumigation is done properly to best protect you, your family, and your home.

There are many critical steps in fumigation that all take precision and experience. This includes a thorough inspection of your home to determine where drywood termites are harboring, properly measuring a home's volume in cubic feet, determining where the product should be introduced, wrapping a home in a neat and tedious fashion to hold in the product during the fumigation process, calculating how much product is required to control the termites with factors such as temperature, slab-type, wind speed, etc., and monitoring the concentration and accumulated dosage throughout the fumigation to ensure that the termites received a lethal dose. Because of all these calculated steps, to eliminate a termite infestation by tent fumigation is not a job for amateurs.

Hulett Environmental Services Termite Tenting FAQ

If you're about to have your home or business tented for a drywood termite infestation, you likely have many questions about the process, results, and how to best prepare your property and belongings. Our termite control experts are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the inspection, evaluation, and scheduling process but it can also be helpful to review this "Termite Tenting FAQ" section for more information.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding termite tenting and what you can expect throughout the treatment process as a home or business owner.

Q: Is tent fumigation a regulated process?

A: Yes, termite tent fumigation is overseen and regulated by several bodies throughout the state of Florida, including the Department of Agriculture and the Consumer Services Division which oversees companies who conduct the treatment. All tent fumigation providers, including Hulett Environmental Services, are required to be fully licensed and insured.

Q: Do I have to vacate my home for tent fumigation?

A: Yes. You, any members of the household, and all pets will need to vacate the premises for the entire duration of the tent fumigation process. You will need to make alternate living and sleeping arrangements for a specified period of time (alternatively, Hulett also offers a no-tent solution).

Q: How long does tent fumigation take?

A: A standard course of tent fumigation treatment takes approximately 2 nights and 3 days from start to finish, and consists of various stages. Please know that this 2-night, 3-day window is only an approximation and there are various factors that can impact how long your specific treatment process takes. Factors such as the physical amount of space inside your home, the construction type of your home, if the target pest is Powderpost Beetle, the extent of the infestation you are treating, and the weather can all cause tent fumigation treatments to last longer. Some treatment processes do take up to one week to complete.

Q: How do I prepare my house for the termite tenting process?

A: There are several important steps to take when preparing your home and belongings for the termite tenting process. The team at Hulett will arrive for a property inspection and pre-treatment walk-through where we will discuss in detail the proper steps you must take before we tent your home. However, these guidelines are a good starting point.

  • Food and beverages: Any food or beverage container that is not factory sealed should be removed from your house or placed into special fumigation bags. This includes items that are inside cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, and pantries.
  • Gas lines: Please turn off the gas to your home prior to our arrival for treatment. All pilot lights, such as those on stoves, ovens, or gas fireplaces should also be turned off for the duration of treatment.
  • Pets: All living beings, including cats, reptiles, fish, dogs, hamsters, and more, should have alternate living arrangements for the duration of treatment. Pet food should be removed from the home, as should any medications or consumables (flea and tick treatments, supplements, treats, etc.) that your pets use. Remove any toys or bones from the house for the duration of treatment.
  • Structure attachments: Attachments to the home such as fencing, lanais, screen cages, and more, should be removed prior to treatment. Any attachments that are physically touching, secured to, or leaning against your home should be removed.
  • Shrubbery and landscaping: Things like flower pots and planters, mulch, decorative rocks, trees, bushes and shrubs, and more, should be trimmed or moved to a distance of at least 12 to 18 inches away from the foundation of your home.
  • Security systems: Please turn off or disable all security systems as the Hulett team will be entering and leaving the premises for the duration of treatment.
  • Mattresses and bedding: Remove all plastic covers, such as pet-proof sheet toppers or crib covers, from mattresses and bedding. If you have plastic coverings on other furniture items please remove these as well. Leave mattresses in the home for the duration of treatment.
  • Medication and beauty products: Any items, such as over-the-counter or prescription medication, that are not factory sealed should be removed from the home. This includes any items that you ingest, as well as products such as contact lens solution, moisturizer, shaving cream, hair products, makeup, and more.
  • Clothing: Clothing may remain in the home for the duration of treatment and does not require bagging.
  • Dishes and cooking utensils: All dishes, utensils, and cooking appliances may remain in the home for the duration of treatment without covering or bagging.
  • Electronics: Electronics such as TVs, computers, sound systems, and more, may remain in the home for the duration of treatment without covering or bagging.
  • Photographs and paperwork: Items such as photographs, diplomas and certificates, and other paperwork may remain in the home for the duration of treatment. As always, any personal items such as social security cards or birth certificates should go with you.

Q: Do I need to wash anything in my home after termite tenting?

A: Items like bedding, clothing, and dishes do not require washing after termite tenting, though some homeowners choose to.

Q: Are there any steps I need to take upon re-entering my home following termite tenting?

A: Although not mandatory, there are steps you may wish to take following termite tenting that can provide you with additional peace of mind and assurance.

Many homeowners find that thoroughly vacuuming all carpets, floors, furniture, bedding, and curtains helps remove any leftover dead pests, larvae, wings, and eggs.

You do not need to wash clothing, bedding, or any other items. After you re-enter the home you can remove any bagged items from their fumigation containers, return items such as pet food and medication to their proper place, re-attach screened-in porches, relocate shrubbery and landscaping to its original position, and more.

Here at Hulett, we understand this is a lot of information and can feel overwhelming, but don't worry! In addition to this general overview, our licensed inspectors will provide to you a checklist and discuss with you in detail all of the steps to prepare for fumigation and what to expect during and after treatment.

Q: How can I protect my home against future termite infestations?

A: Be sure to ask about our Annual Termite Treatment and Defense Plan, available exclusively at Hulett Environmental Services. For the best results when it comes to termite prevention, we recommend regularly scheduled treatments throughout the year.

The Hulett Annual Termite Treatment and Defense Plan is a low-cost plan that includes certain preventative maintenance, including a FREE perimeter spray with each plan renewal. When you sign up for the plan, if termites come back to your home, so do we–at no extra cost whatsoever.

The team at Hulett will help you develop a custom, individualized termite prevention plan complete with a schedule for inspection and maintenance to ward off the bugs for years to come. Possible defense tactics may include a preventative treatment, liquid defense system, termite baiting, and more.

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