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Pest and Termite Control West Palm Beach

The Best Pest Control Solutions for Ants, Termites, Roaches, Spiders, Rats, Mice, Fleas, Ticks and Lawn.

Hulett's Pest, Lawn and Termite Services have provided West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County residents and businesses with efficient and reliable pest control services for over 50 years.

West Palm Beach residents and business owners benefit from our convenient, cost-efficient, customized, effective and quick solutions for getting rid of any kind of pests. Our professional team is made up of registered technicians and highly qualified entomologists, and we are dedicated to restoring the comfort of your home or office fast and efficiently.

When it comes to pest control, West Palm Beach home or business owners can schedule inspections within 24 hours of placing the call. We know pest elimination is always urgent – that's why we are available every hour of the day for emergencies and on Saturdays by appointment as well.

Hulett's promise to our customers:

  • Always arrive on time for the scheduled works
  • Only send professional, well-trained technicians
  • Provide comprehensive support.
  • Work only with the latest technologies and best products.
  • Clean and calibrated equipment selected with efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind.

Our pest elimination protocol has three basic steps:

  • Pest-proofing the premises, making sure once they are gone they stay gone
  • Treating the pests that have already gotten into the building
  • Prevention against future attacks

Pests get inside buildings through tiny, difficult to notice cracks and spaces around windows, doors, drain pipes or sewers. The first thing to do when dealing with a pest infestation is to block and seal the access points in order to prevent them from entering the building after treatment. The next step is the treatment of the pests inside your home or business. Our pest elimination services are not only efficient, but also environmentally responsible, so you can be sure that the special baits and gels that we use in and around your building, will not affect your family and pets or the environment. The final phase of our pest control protocol is the set-up of an efficient pest barrier around your premises that will prevent pests from coming back.

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Neighborhood Pest Activity

Image of Ants


In West Palm Beach, Florida, ants are a nuisance pest year-round since the temperatures never dip low enough to control them. If left untreated, they grow into a colony of thousands searching for food and water sources throughout your home or business to stay warm.

If ants have infested your West Palm Beach home, this could signal other pests will be soon to follow.

Image of Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termite swarms are most common in West Palm Beach during spring following rain, but may occur as early as mid-February in Florida. Termites swarm after rain showers which makes this time of year for West Palm Beach homes the ideal breading ground.

Termites can infest your entire West Palm Beach neighborhood as they tunnel from home to home scavenging for food; wood, cellulose and paper. They cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year and none of it is covered by conventional homeowner's insurance! Protect your biggest asset and your neighborhood today!

Image of Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites

Termite swarms are most active in the spring and summer months. However, lack of swarms doesn't ensure your home is termite free. Drywood termites fly into and on structures. Any cracks in the paint on facia or outdoor wood provide excellent access for drywood termites to enter your home.

Termite damage is not covered by homeowner's insurance. They will wreak havoc on your West Palm Beach home's structural soundness, costing you thousands in out-of-pocket expenses. It is vital to take precaution and protect your biggest investment with annual termite inspections.

Customer Reviews


“My arbor and patio were infested with 'Big-Headed Ants' (yeah, they are a real thing, called big headed ants!). They were destroying all the wood. I thought I had termites. I called Hulett. The response was immediate. Hulett's rep, Anthony, was a sweetheart. Anthony diagnosed the problem, explained what should be done and gave me a price. Very professional, reassuring and polite. We agreed and within 24 hours (really!) those ugly, aggressive, foreign, invader ants were no more. Hurray!! No more roaches, silverfish or other pests either btw. A special thank you to the technicians who came out and sprayed, sprinkled, and scraped. They have been efficient and unobtrusive, something that I really appreciate. ”
- Shari


“It never fails to go well with these guys. We went through 2 other services before Hulett. Neither of those could manage to treat the hedges in a timely fashion, and it would only be a month or two before I noticed the ficus leaves falling, meaning yet another whitefly infestation. I had to literally monitor the hedges and let them know when to come out. They failed to manage the problem proactively. As a result, we just went from one infestation to the next. I was always out back, checking for falling leaves, which, although is one of the most dependable symptoms, also signals there's a major infestation underway by the time the leaves begin to shed. And then it would take a day or two to get the service out. Not so with Hulett. We finally have the last service business we'll ever need! Neil monitors everything carefully and sprays before there's a problem. He calls the day before to let me know he's coming, so that if I have any questions, either I can raise any issues then, or show him when he arrives. He comes when he says he's coming. He has troubleshot some irksome problems with a few of the plants several times. He is prompt, cheerful, and knowledgeable. I hope he stays with Hulett - he's awesome!! These hedges are a huge expanse. About 100', 8' high, so there's plenty of room for the whitefly to hide and get a foothold. We've had Hulett for almost a year, and the hedges have never looked better! Not one outbreak since they took over. Ditto for the trees and the lawn, which is thick, lush, weed-free and bright green. Neighbors stop and ask who services the lawn. A couple of times when I've noticed a few weeds starting to sprout, I just call and Neil is there spraying the next day. I can't possibly speak highly enough for Hulett.”
- Carol

REVIEWER: Katherine

“Great job!!! Very responsive. Did all that they promised. ”
- Katherine


“I use Hulett for services both inside and outside of my home. They are always very responsive and when I called to say I had an ant in my house, they were out the very next day. Also, they have advised me on some problems that I had outside in some palm trees and worked with me to find the most cost effective solution - they didn't just try to sell me a big contract. ”
- Crystal


“It is a local business and it is good. They were the best to respond to my original request.”
- Ian


“The representative showed up on time and was very professional. He quoted us a reasonable price for a service contract in which the exterminators would come to our condo periodically after the initial treatment. A few days later the technician came and sprayed and set traps. I would use them again and would recommend them to friends. ”
- Steve

REVIEWER: John & Mary

“Previous contractor for fertilization and insecticides was accused by lawn maintenance contractor of mis-use of herbicides. Hired Hulett to replace them. Lawn has flourished under their care. ”
- John & Mary


“Prior to the inspection we had our roof repaired due to a leak and visible evidence of live terminates was discovered. The damaged wood was replaced by the roof contractor but we called Hulett because of concerns they may have spread. After the Hulett inspector crawled through the attic he found we had wet wood termites that had not spread and the roofers had removed all the damaged wood. We were pleasantly surprised when Hulett did not charge us for the inspection. It is refreshing to see an honest company that did not try to charge us for unnecessary work. We will recommend Hulett Environment Services to our neighbors and friends. ”
- Dale


“Courteous customer service. Our rep called us as promised by the secretary, also called again prior to arriving at our home. Showed up exactly on time as promised. Very knowledgeable about his services and was not pushy. We also called other companies who did not call back, others were not as knowledgable and did not offer a complete service as Hulett did. By the end of the day we signed up for their annual service plan.”
- Shane

REVIEWER: Eugene and Dona

“We want to express our appreciation for superior service from Darrell. He is courteous and professional as well as thorough. He has been here several times for various calls and always gives us great service. He is a credit to your company!”
- Eugene and Dona

REVIEWER: Jim Higginbottom

“We just had our bi-monthly service performed by Pete Herrad who did the most thorough job ever. He did the normal exterior spray plus swept the screen for spider webs and also baited the kitchen as we had killed 1 roach after Christmas. Thanks Hulett and Pete for the excellent service.”
- Jim Higginbottom


“Paul, is a very knowledgeable person and was very much appreciate by us and our dogs loved him too!!!!!!”
- Chester


“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Matt, the technician who comes to my property every other month. He's friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and is always available if I have questions.”
- Fran


“Hulett account manager Mark and termite tech Sean both were very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I had 4 other companies also give quotes but Hulett blew them away with how Mark and Sean both handled the termite concerns and questions.”
- George


“Nadim was such a great help during my Hulett Healthy Home Inspection. He went above and beyond by looking into a grill, catching a rodent, killing the rodent- then he removed the dead rodent, cleaned up the mess and scheduled a technician to service the home today.”
- Andrea

REVIEWER: Micheline

“For at least 5 years I have had excellent service from Dennis K. He is courteous, knowledgeable and reliable. Thank you.”
- Micheline


“We were extremely pleased with William and Joe when they were here on Tuesday (8-11-15). Will explained everything they were going to do before they did it and gave us suggestions in reference to the outside of the house to ward off any termites from entering. They were both courteous and knowledgeable and addressed any concerns we had. Will and Joe are both assets to Hulett. We look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks!”
- Casper C


“I just had my home tented by Hulett and it was absolutely painless due to your wonderful employee Bruce Kelly. I had estimates from 3 companies and Bruce was the only one that pointed out an electrical issue. He gave me complete confidence in the procedure. So much so that my neighbor also had her home done at the same time. Bruce visited our properties probably a dozen times to ensure that we were all ready for the treatment. He is personable and professional and a real asset to your company. I will highly recommend Hulett based on Bruce's performance alone. Thank you so much!”
- Jill Baum

REVIEWER: Michael Nadler

“I just wanted to extend a compliment to your company for having a service technician of the caliber of Tom Chiasson. Tom has been doing my annual termite inspection and prevention work since I moved into my home approximately 8 years ago. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable and very thorough in his inspections, and always gives me tips about what to look for and certain things I can do outside to minimize the possibility of termite problems. He also displays the appropriate balance between professionalism and friendliness. I'm sure you already know what a fine representative of your firm that he is, but I wanted to convey this directly. Thank you. ”
- Michael Nadler


“The reason I am with Hulett is because of Tim Ouellette, he was very professional, nice and didn’t try to sell her any more than what she needed. She is very happy that she is with Hulett and it started with Tim.”
- Beverly

REVIEWER: Dona Crawford

“I just want to let you know what a valuable employee you have in Neal Ham. Last week, he sprayed my plants for white fly, but when done, he left me a voice message telling me about areas in my lawn and my bushes that were drought stricken. I had been away on vacation so no one took care of my lawn, plants and bushes while I was gone. I truly appreciate Neal going the extra mile and leaving a message on my cell phone. He is a true asset to Hulett.”
- Dona Crawford

REVIEWER: Jessica Cano

“We have been pest control customers for about the last three years, and our experience has been fantastic. Ronnie comes to our home - he is very responsive, friendly, and professional. Other companies have sought our business, but we decline because of our excellent service from Ronnie. Thank you!”
- Jessica Cano

REVIEWER: Norman Ratner & Monica Levin

“This is a THANK YOU note for the services of Frank DiPento. What a class act! He came to our home on time for a termite inspection and determined that we did not have a problem. He also recommend an easy treatment for an outside nest of ants, which also saved us money. Hulett will be our first call the moment we encounter any problem with pests that needs to be treated and we will highly recommend you to our friends and neighbors.”
- Norman Ratner & Monica Levin


“I am writing to compliment Tavarious Archibald. I am the Data Processor at Boynton Beach Community High School and Tavarious came in for pest control. He was extremely personable and very professional. He was very patient while waiting for someone to take him to the area he was needed in and seemed genuinely concerned about our pest issue. If all of your techs aren't like Tavarious, they should be. I would recommend Hulett based on this one encounter. Thank you.”
- LoriAnn


“I have been a Hulett customer since moving to Florida almost 9 years ago. Being satisfied with service, customer response, and jobs well done would be an understatement. Hulett is one of the most professional, well run and just plain great companies I have ever used. And beyond effectiveness, what makes Hulett great are technicians like David Hir. He has taken care of my home, responded to all requests, and treated me and my wife like family. He is what Hulett strives to accomplish in both competence and service to the customer. I'd gladly recommend him for promotion but only if he would still be able to take care of my home. When you meet someone who answers all of your questions, follows through after each service request, and helps you get rid of all the things that shouldn't be living in your house - well in a word he is just great. Feel grateful that he works for you and not the competition. ”
- Stuart


“Hulett is very customer friendly.  The home is in Florida where there are many pests.  If I ever see anything in my house, my personal bug master, Carl, quickly takes care of it.  I highly recommend Hulett.”
- Barry V.

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