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Dealing with Fall Pest Infestations in Florida: What You Need to Know

Fall is a beautiful season in Florida, with cooler temperatures and a sense of renewal in the air. However, it also brings along its fair share of pest problems. As the weather changes, pests seek shelter and food indoors, causing potential infestations in homes and businesses. In this blog, we will discuss common fall pests in the Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast areas, their behavior during this season, and effective ways to deal with infestations. Read on to discover what you need to know to keep your home pest-free this fall.

Common Fall Pests in South Florida


As temperatures cool down, ants start looking for warmth and food sources inside structures. Common ant species in South Florida include big-headed ants, white-footed ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, Argentine ants, ghost ants, and crazy ants, although there are several more types you may see around your home.


Cockroaches are year-round pests in South Florida, but their activity tends to increase in the fall. German and American cockroaches are especially prevalent in this region and can quickly infest homes if not properly controlled.


Rats and mice are persistent pests that seek shelter during the fall. They can squeeze through small openings and cause damage to property while spreading diseases.


While spiders, like the wolf spider,  are beneficial predators, most homeowners still do not want spiders on or in their homes. Some species like the brown recluse and black widow can also pose health risks. They may seek refuge indoors as temperatures drop.

Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs are a year-round pest in Florida businesses and households, their activity can spike during the fall as people travel and unknowingly bring them into their homes from hotels or other infested areas and bedbugs are known to hitchhike. Because bedbugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate, prevention and control are key.

Behavior of Fall Pests

Understanding the behavior of fall pests is crucial in implementing effective pest control strategies. During this season, pests are driven indoors by dwindling food sources and cooler temperatures. They seek shelter in warm, secluded areas and reproduce rapidly in the comfort of your home. It’s essential to address infestations promptly to prevent them from becoming more widespread.

Effective Ways to Deal with Fall Pest Infestations

  • Seal Entry Points: Inspect your property for cracks, gaps, and openings that pests can use as entry points. Seal these areas using caulk, weatherstripping, or mesh screens to prevent pests from gaining access.
  • Keep a Clean Environment: Regularly clean your home, paying close attention to areas where pests tend to hide, such as behind appliances, under sinks, and in dark corners. Proper sanitation removes potential food sources and discourages pest activity.
  • Remove Clutter: Decluttering your home reduces hiding places for pests. Eliminate piles of newspapers, cardboard boxes, and other items that may invite pests.
  • Practice Proper Waste Management: Securely store garbage in sealed containers and dispose of it regularly. This can help prevent attracting pests like ants, roaches, and rodents.
  • Trim Vegetation: Trim trees, shrubs, and bushes away from the exterior of your home. Overgrown vegetation provides easy access for pests, so maintaining a well-groomed yard creates a barrier against infestations.
  • Invest in Professional Pest Control Services: Working with a professional pest control company is highly recommended for year-round pest prevention and control. They have the expertise, experience, and resources to effectively identify and treat specific pest infestations using eco-friendly methods.
  • Get Regular Pest Inspections: Schedule regular pest inspections and termite inspections to catch early signs of infestation. Professional pest control technicians can identify problem areas and implement appropriate treatments to prevent further pest activity.

Keep a Healthy, Pest-Free Home This Fall With Hulett Environmental Services

As fall arrives in South Florida, it’s vital to be proactive in dealing with potential pest infestations. By understanding common fall pests and their behaviors, you can take effective measures to keep your home pest-free. Along with practicing good housekeeping, sealing pest points of entry, and keeping your lawn in good condition, professional pest control can help you inspect for pests and prevent and treat infestations. 

Looking for a pest control company near your home in Palm Beach County or the Treasure Coast area? Just call Hulett! Our local pest control company has been in the business for over 50 years, and our expert team can help you combat and prevent South Florida’s most bothersome pests this fall. To get started, just request your free inspection online now.