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Spring Pest Prep: Common Spring Bugs in Florida

Winter in South Florida can hardly be noticeable, offering little relief from pests, as our subtropical climate creates a haven for bugs, insects, mosquitoes, termites and rodents throughout the year. However, In Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, the arrival of spring does mark a notable increase in pest activity. While winter’s cooler temperatures might send some pests packing, they’re quickly replaced by a new cohort of springtime invaders, eager to encroach upon your home or business. This seasonal shift can be particularly frustrating for those looking to enjoy the warmer weather outdoors. Fortunately, dealing with a pest infestation isn’t something you have to accept as inevitable for your property, and you can consult with a professional pest control expert to exterminate your bugs.

Having the right tools and knowledge can lead you to resolve your pest problems more efficiently and quickly than you’d expect. In this blog post, our team at Hulett Environmental Services will guide you through common spring bugs that can infest your south Florida home and how you can prevent an infestation from happening.

Common Spring Bugs in Florida

The coming of spring brings rising temperatures, humidity, more frequent rainstorms, and, unfortunately, bug bites. However, if you recognize which pests can invade your home or business, you’ll know what course to take to prevent further issues. Here are a few common house bugs you should know about in spring, the prime insect season.


Increasing rainfall and temperatures can mark the beginning of mosquitoes and no-see-ums appearing in your yard. Even though mosquitoes are commonly associated with summer, as they’re attracted to heat, spring brings more moisture through rainstorms. Standing water sources are hotbeds for mosquito breeding, making mosquitoes a potentially bigger problem in the springtime.

While small in size, mosquitoes have the potential to bite and transmit diseases, including West Nile virus, malaria, dengue, Zika, and more. This makes proper mosquito control and no-see-um treatment very desirable in the case of a mass problem.

Close-up of termites inside wooden planks.


When it comes to termites in south Florida, there are two specific types to look out for. First, there are drywood termites, such as the West Indian drywood termite, an aggressive and invasive species that thrive deep inside the wooden frames in your home’s lumber, wooden flooring, furniture, attics, baseboards, door and window frames, and other items containing cellulose.

The second type of termite to be on the lookout for is subterranean termites. Because these species, such as the Asian and Formosan subterranean termites, live in the soil and commonly invade homes from the ground through plumbing penetrations, expansions joints, or cracks in the slab, it can be difficult to know if you have a problem at all until damage has already occurred. For this reason, annual termite inspections and preventative treatments are recommended. Not even concrete slab homes are termite proof in South Florida, a huge misconception.


Ants are another widespread spring bug to look out for. One common species is the Florida carpenter ant, which survives by carving out small galleries within wooden structures and infesting homes from there, crawling in and around attics, soffits, wooden decks, and trees, foraging in the evenings for food scraps left about in the kitchen.

Fire ants are another common springtime species. These ants should be approached with additional care and caution as they can bite and sting, causing severe pain and itching in the case of an allergic reaction. It’s important to have a strategy for fighting against fire ants, such as a home maintenance service by a lawn pest control company. When you spot a potential issue in your home, whether it’s small or a full-blown infestation, you should consult with the lawn professionals to safeguard your family and pets, as they are trained to use green and eco-friendly products to rid your yard of fire ants.


Another pest common in spring is bedbugs. Living within beds, furniture and frequently traveling in bags and luggage, these pesky hitchhikers are known for breeding quickly in warmer climates. With rising temperatures and humidity in south Florida, bedbugs can reproduce more frequently during spring and summer and thus make an infestation a more common sight, quickly infesting an entire home and requiring a thorough treatment or even tent fumigation.


Pest control technicians spraying pesticide across a lawn.


How To Prevent a Spring Pest Infestation in Florida

Whether your home or business is in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, or any of the surrounding cities in South Florida, by knowing what pests to look out for, you can better understand what it takes to prevent a problem from popping up. After all, the best way to get rid of pests in your south Florida home is to not invite them inside in the first place. There are several prevention methods you can practice to keep unwanted visitors out. Some common prevention methods include the following.

  • Eliminate interior moisture sources and standing water
  • Practice good sanitation, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms
  • Seal up any potential entry points for ants, cockroaches, or rodents
  • Keep food secure and away from pests’ reach
  • Trim any vegetation in garden
  • Regularly dispose of garbage in sealed containers

South Florida Pest Control

If you’ve detected or seen a pest infestation happening in your home, there’s still time for you to remove it. However, DIY tactics and home remedies and continual prevention practices won’t be enough to keep pests out. That’s why it’s best to go to professional pest control services for help.

A team of entomologists or licensed and certified applicators will thoroughly inspect your home and commercial property to find the root of your pest problem and formulate an effective perimeter treatment for long-term results, custom built for the needs of you, your home or business, and your family.

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