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Pyramid Ant Appearance and Size Facts

Although a few here or there might not seem threatening, pyramid ants are highly motivated to infiltrate your Florida property in search of the food and water you most likely have in ample supply. Since it’s nearly impossible to fully eliminate these factors that attract pyramid and other ants, it’s best to have the right tools to prevent and combat a Florida pyramid ant infestation. At Hulett Environmental Services, we can help you determine if you’re dealing with a pyramid ant infestation and help you get rid of it from your South Florida home.

Pyramid ants often appear in a range of different colored bodies. They can be anywhere from reddish-orange to a darker brown or black. On average, pyramid ants are around 1/8th of an inch in length and have slender, twig-like bodies.

Identifying Pyramid Ants From Other Ants

To differentiate pyramid ants from other ants, inspect their bodies. As their name suggests, pyramid ants have a pyramid-shaped projection on top of their thorax. If they have this pyramid-shaped projection and are colored brown or black, then you are most likely dealing with a pyramid ant infestation. If you’re still not sure, professional pest control experts can help with identification.

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Behavior and Habitat of Pyramid Ants

Pyramid ants typically nest in open areas outdoors. They are also known to make mounds as a form of sheltering their nests underground. Nests are not commonly found indoors, although the ants themselves are more than known to wander indoors in pursuit of sustenance.

Pyramid ants feed off live or dead insects, honeydew produced by aphids, and a variety of foods, including sweets. While these ants will come to your home specifically in pursuit of food and moisture, they are known to bite when extremely provoked.

Signs of Infestation of Pyramid Ants

While you probably won’t see a group of pyramid ants together, it’s easy to spot individuals around entries and exits to outdoor areas such as backyards. Seeing a volcano-shaped mound around your yard or near your home is also a good sign that you have an infestation.

Tips for Prevention of Pyramid Ants

Keep food, especially sweets and fruits, sealed and secured away from the open. Additionally, keep your counters clean and clear of any food remnants. Take special note of your dining room and kitchen when you clean your home.

Getting Rid of Pyramid Ants

If you spot the signs of a pyramid ant infestation in your Florida home, try to search for a nearby nest or mound. If you find one, take note of where it’s located and call in professional pest experts for treatment – the best solution is to contact the exterminators at Hulett for professional pyramid ant control and help identifying pest points-of-entry into your home.

Effective Pyramid Ant Control Solutions at Hulett

Need to eliminate your pyramid ant problem from returning to your Florida home? Just call Hulett for the best Florida pyramid ant control around! Our expert technicians are trained by board-certified entomologists and can help you identify, treat, and prevent pyramid ants from returning to your Florida home. 

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