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Rover Ant Appearance and Size Facts

Rover ants are a nuisance that can spread throughout your Florida household if not treated effectively. Despite their tiny size, it can be difficult to identify and tackle your Florida rover ant problem yourself. In this guide, our team at Hulett will provide you with information on identifying a rover ant problem. If you do have a rover ant infestation, don’t wait to just call Hulett for professional Florida pest control services. 

The common rover ant is about 1/16th to 1/12th of an inch and does not possess any form of a stinger. They vary in color from black to brown, and pale blonde. Their thoraxes are uneven in shape while their front portion is humped. There are also several rover ant types, such as dark rover ants, that have winged alates (reproductive ants).

Identifying Rover Ants From Other Ants

With an uneven thorax, the indicator of rover ants is through the appearance of the body. Combine their shape with their color and, if the two align, then you can potentially identify your problem as a rover ant infestation. However, to get a true inspection, our team of pest control experts has the tools and expertise to quickly identify and treat pests, including rover ants. 

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Behavior and Habitat of Rover Ants

If you have a rover ant colony in your home, you will most likely see them in groups. Although you likely won’t see them all at once, a colony of rover ants typically ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand members, including a colony-leading queen. While only some rover ant types have wings and swarm to start new colonies, all types present a major risk of infestation once inside your Florida home.

Rover ants can be found around your home as a result of their pursuit of food, shelter, and water. They’re most commonly found in soil and potted plants around your home.

Signs of Infestation of Rover Ants

Rover ants can commonly be found in groups or trails. To spot the base of their colony, follow these trails outdoors and look from there for a source. These spots can range from sidewalk gaps to trails going up a tree or similar base. Dark rover ants commonly live with additional species, such as fire ants, in addition to their colonies.

Tips for Prevention of Rover Ants

Rover ants are one of the most difficult ants to eliminate in South Florida households. They’re most likely to be prevented by keeping your space free of moisture – unfortunately, this is nearly impossible to create in our homes, especially given Florida’s humidity. That said, it’s best to keep countertops and floors clean and free of any moisture that can lure Rover Ants in to try and prevent them. 

Getting Rid of Rover Ants

It can be difficult to handle a Rover Ant infestation on your own. Even though DIY methods are available, they vary in quality and usually aren’t as thorough and efficient as seeking professional Rover Ant control. With professional rover ant control, you can treat these ants quickly and effectively. In addition, working with a pest control company that specializes in pet and family-friendly pest control, like Hulett, means you don’t have to stress about the impact of rover ant treatments on your furry friends and loved ones.

Effective Rover Ant Control Solutions at Hulett

Get the best Rover Ant control services in Florida by just calling Hulett! Determined to eliminate and prevent your Florida Rover Ant problem from returning, our team of experienced and highly-trained technicians is ready to get the job done. Start living your Rover Ant-free life and give us a call or schedule your free inspection online today!

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