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Cuban Roaches

Active Seasons

Illustration representing the spring season
Illustration representing the summer season
Illustration representing the winter season
Illustration representing the fall season

Appearance and Size Facts

  • Adults are pale green and nymphs are brown or black
  • Size: Cuban roaches can grow up to 2 inches in length
  • Commonly also referred to as the Green Banana Roach
  • Attracted to light and are strong flyers
  • Adults live in the canopies of trees, while the nymphs live on the ground below.
  • Does not normally invade homes

Behavior and Habitat of Cuban Roaches

Cuban roaches are attracted to light and are strong flyers. This roach does not normally invade homes. The Cuban cockroach, also called the Green Banana cockroach, is usually an outdoor species. They can be found in shrubbery, trees, and plants.

Image of a magnifying glass

Signs of Infestation of Cuban Roaches

Cuban cockroaches do not breed inside and typically only enter homes when windows and doors are left open.

An illustration representing a warning sign for bug infestation

Tips for Prevention of Cuban Roaches

Keep outside lights off when possible and fine mesh window screens as preventative measures to discourage establishment of the Cuban cockroach.

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Cuban Roach Gallery

Photograph of cuban roach
Photograph of cuban roach number 2
Photograph of cuban roach number 3

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