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Cuban Roach Appearance and Size Facts

Cuban roaches, also known as green banana roaches, are distinguishable in tropical regions due to their distinctive appearance and impressive size. Adult Cuban roaches are generally a pale green color, while the nymphs are brown or black. These roaches maneuver through their surroundings with their six legs and long, segmented antennae. Cuban roaches are generally between three-quarters of an inch to one inch long, although they can grow up to two inches in size. These roaches are also strong fliers, and the adult Cuban roaches often live in canopies of trees, or near citrus or banana farms.

Identifying Cuban Roaches From Other Roaches


While brightly-colored adult Cuban roaches are easily distinguishable from most other cockroaches, they share some similarities with American cockroaches. Both species are recognizable with their large, robust bodies. Generally, however, Cuban Roaches are less notorious for invading homes and are generally found outdoors, although alarming sightings of Cuban roaches indoors are still possible.

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Behavior and Habitat of Cuban Roaches

Cuban roaches are well adapted to the warm, humid climate of the Caribbean, where they thrive. Nocturnal creatures prefer to stay hidden during the day and search for food and water at twilight. Their diet consists of decaying plants, fruits, and insects.

These cockroaches are very strong fliers and are often found in trees, shrubs, plants, and piles of mulch or other natural materials. Strongly attracted to light, Cuban roaches typically enter homes through open doors and windows, and generally don’t breed indoors. Cuban roaches can also sometimes be brought inside through greenhouse or outdoor plants that are moved inside. While these cockroaches won’t thrive indoors, preventing them from entering your home can save you a great deal of peace of mind.

Signs of Infestation of Cuban Roaches

The best indicator that you have Cuban roaches invading your home is generally just seeing these lime-green cockroaches crawling or flying around your living space. Because Cuban roaches primarily live outdoors, you may first notice a strong population of Cuban roaches around your lawn and trees, or in piles of mulch, leaves, or wood. Although not generally considered a threatening indoor pest, the size of these roaches makes them unsettling to find around your property.

Tips for Prevention of Cuban Roaches

Taking proactive measures to prevent Cuban roaches from entering your home can save you from the hassle and frustration of dealing with these unwanted pests. Generally, the key preventative step you should take is ensuring that all open windows and doors have screens, and sealing up any tears in screens and gaps around your windows, doors, and other areas of your home. This can not only help you prevent Cuban roaches but also other cockroaches and common pests.

Additionally, because Cuban roaches are highly attracted to light, you may want to minimize your use of outdoor lighting at night. Outdoors, you’ll want to practice good lawn care, and promptly remove any piles of discarded wood, leaves, or mulch, to eliminate a potential hotspot for Cuban roaches.

Getting Rid of Cuban Roaches

If you’ve spotted Cuban Roaches making their way inside your home, taking immediate action is essential to keeping them away for good. While the preventative measures mentioned above are still helpful during and after a cockroach infestation, professional pest control is a must when it comes to eliminating a thriving Cuban Roach population around your property. Fortunately, professional pest control services, like those offered by the Hulett team, can help.

Effective Cuban Roach Control Solutions

Hulett Environmental Services, equipped with extensive expertise in pest control, specializes in eliminating Cuban roach infestations. Their skilled technicians are adept at identifying the root cause of the infestation and employing eco-friendly methods for targeted treatments.

With a personalized approach, Hulett Environmental Services can eradicate Cuban roach infestations by assessing the situation and creating a customized treatment plan. When you entrust your pest problem to Hulett Environmental Services, you can rest easy and enjoy your home without worrying about roaches. We can even get you started with a free pest inspection when you contact us online or give us a call.

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