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Smoky Brown Cockroach Appearance and Size Facts

Smoky brown cockroaches are commonly found in the American South but can be seen outdoors and in homes across the country. Like many other roaches Hulett treats, smoky brown cockroaches are light brown, long, and have slender wings. They measure about 1.25 inches in length, and with their hard, flat bodies, they can comfortably fit through small gaps and cracks to get into your home. Smoky brown roaches are so outwardly similar to other cockroaches that they are often mistaken for their more common German cousins, making identification difficult for most homeowners. 

Identifying Smoky Brown Cockroaches From Other Cockroaches

Visually, smoky brown cockroaches are quite similar to German cockroaches, but a trained eye can tell the difference. Close inspection of smoky brown cockroaches reveals a unique wing shape that characterizes this species, but spotting this key difference takes an experienced professional. 

It’s vital to properly identify the variety of cockroaches in your home so our specialists can employ the best treatment against them. That’s why your free pest control inspection is one of the most important parts of our comprehensive service, allowing us to understand the full scope of your pest problem to use the right tools for the most effective results that keep smoky brown cockroaches away.

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Behavior and Habitat of Smoky Brown Roaches

Smoky brown cockroaches only live for about 100 days, but during this time, they can reproduce quickly and efficiently. Just a few smoky brown cockroaches can create an entire infestation in a few weeks, so eliminating them as soon as possible should be a top priority.

Like most other cockroaches, smoky brown roaches are nocturnal insects that hide in the dark during the day. They prefer to live outdoors as opposed to inside your home, but if food, water, and shelter are available, they come in and stay. Unlike American cockroaches, smoky brown cockroaches are prolific flyers and can commonly be seen flying long distances and around sources of light—another cockroach attractant that can draw them into your home.

Signs of Infestation of Smoky Brown Roaches

Smoky brown cockroaches infest quickly. All it takes is a few roaches and suitable breeding conditions for a whole swarm to emerge in your home, but there are steps you can take to spot an infestation before it worsens.

Search for smoky brown roaches near water, food, and likely breeding places such as cardboard boxes. You should also check for eggs or their discarded casings in dark cabinets or on your counters to discover where they are congregating. Because they are such good hiders, you may not find all the roaches upon your inspection – fortunately, a professional pest inspection can help you discover hidden pest populations!

Tips for Prevention of Smoky Brown Roaches

The best way to prevent a smoky brown cockroach infestation is to deprive them of their food and water sources. Without motivation, these roaches will prefer to stay outdoors. Make sure all your food, for you and your pets, is properly sealed so roaches and other pests are not drawn inside. Next, clean up any standing water and seal leaky pipes so no moisture-rich areas exist, especially in dark areas like your garage or basement.

These steps can help you stay one step ahead of any smoky brown cockroaches trying to enter your home, but these resilient creatures can still find their way in. Once you do find cockroaches in your home, it’s time to bring in professional help.


Getting Rid of Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Understanding how to get rid of smoky brown cockroaches effectively requires experience and training. Stopgap or DIY pest control measures may be able to treat the roaches you see, but the majority of the infestation will remain in hiding. With over 50 years of cockroach control expertise, Hulett knows smoky brown cockroaches and where they like to settle, letting us target all the roaches at their source before they can continue to spread. Once the roaches inside are gone, our pest control specialists search for all the entry points roaches may use to get inside. Once identified, we seal these areas and place our specialized pest repellents to make sure any that try to return are kept away. 


Effective Smoky Brown Cockroach Control Solutions

If you’re grappling with a smoky brown cockroach infestation, bring in the experts with the tools and know-how to take them out. Our top-of-the-line equipment and techniques give us an edge over smoky brown cockroaches and the other pests in your home, providing you with the same fast and lasting results we’ve provided our customers since 1968.

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