How often should termite bait stations be checked?

Regular Pest Control & Inspections by Hulett

According to the research conducted by the manufacturer, and the product instructions, termite bait stations should be serviced once per year. Because all properties are not the same and because subterranean termites are prevalent in South Florida, your Hulett termite specialist may want to check your bait stations more often.

Invasive Asian and Formosan subterranean termites in South Florida, tend to have colonies that number in the millions. Because they will eat anything and everything that contains cellulose, including live trees, utility poles, and wooden fences and decks to feed their massive colonies, termite bait stations are a reliable solution. Our Hulett team will assess the number of stations needed for the size of your property. Bait stations are then installed around the perimeter of your home to create a termite barrier for your home. After the initial installations, your Hulett termite specialist may check your stations to determine the frequency that termites are consuming the bait in the stations. Servicing your termite bait stations offers convenience for your busy schedule, as you don’t need to be at home for your technician to service your bait stations, as long as they have access to the perimeter of your yard. However, if there is an active infestation on the interior, the technician may want to do a thorough inspection and treatment on the interior, as well. In South Florida, almost all homes are at risk of Subterranean Termites. So Just Call Hulett, your preferred South Florida pest control company, to discuss bait station inspections, subterranean termites, or any other pest control needs.

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