According to the Home Depot in West Palm Beach, Florida there have been three different reports of aphids being found in Christmas trees. Toy Whitaker, bought a tree from Home Depot about a week and a half ago and this past Tuesday said his family found countless bugs falling off their tree and onto the living room floor. Toy said they looked like ticks, however David Sprague of Beach Environmental pointed out that they aren't ticks and instead are aphids. David says he has been receiving a lot of calls lately regarding aphids being found in Christmas trees. "They are a piercing, sucking insect. So they are drawing the juice out of the tree. It causes the needles to fall off prematurely," he says. Aphids are unlike ticks as they do not carry Lyme disease and do not suck blood from humans or animals. Instead these bugs just go after whatever plant is in their area. Unfortunately, David says that he has received a lot more calls this year than in years prior about aphids being found in Christmas trees. He believes that is likely due to the weather up north where all of the trees are coming from.