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Fort Pierce Pest Control

2820 Reynolds Drive
Fort Pierce, FL 34945

Pest Control in Fort Pierce

Pest control in Fort Pierce, FL, requires expert attention, as the warm climate of South Florida is an environment in which insects and rodents thrive. When looking for pest control in Fort Pierce, FL, or termite control in Fort Pierce, FL, don't take your chances with just any company. You need the best of the best, Hulett Environmental Services. We've been in business for more than fifty years. Since we're family-owned, we're fully dedicated to ensuring that your family is safe from all pests.

Fort Pierce, located in St. Lucie County, is known as the Sunrise City. Named after the Fort Pierce Army Post built in the 1830s, the city has a long list of recognitions. Given a City of Excellence Award by the Florida League of Cities and the Great American Main Street Award by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Fort Pierce is the place to be on the Treasure Coast. The downtown area is rich in old-time Spanish culture, and the beautiful harbor views offer residents and visitors a sense of serenity.

However, being close to the water and the warm sun can bring the need for serious residential pest control in Fort Pierce. Many bugs, animals, and fungi can make their way onto your property and into your home. With Hulett Environmental Services, your issues with pest control in Fort Pierce can be solved for good.

Why Choose Hulett's Services in Fort Pierce?

Hulett Environmental Services is, and always has been, based in South Florida. What this means is that our team of experts is specially trained in the pest control issues home and business owners in the region face. Our many years of experience enable us to bring you the most advanced and effective treatment protocols.

When you hire Hulett Environmental Services, you can be assured you'll receive:

  • Dependable service of the highest caliber
  • Trained and certified applicators and specialists to treat your home
  • Training from a Board-Certified Entomologist on how to use Integrated Pest Management
  • A full and thorough inspection of your property and home
  • Proper pest identification
  • The most advanced and innovative treatment services
  • Treatments that are safe for your family and pets that are eco-friendly
  • Pest control in Fort Pierce with a plan that is developed to address your unique needs

Fort Pierce Pest Control Services

Hulett Environmental Services implement a variety of techniques to employ effective pest control in Fort Pierce, FL. We don't just treat the inside of your home or business. In addition to the localized liquid treatments we apply to target areas, we carefully position exterior baits around the perimeter of your building.

Using indoor and outdoor treatments simultaneously results in a better outcome every time. Bugs and pests will no longer be able to enter your home as a strong barrier is formed.

Our residential pest control services solve the following bug problems:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish

We are also able to treat your property for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

Rodent Control Services

If you hear scratching, scurrying, or nibbling noises in or around your home, contact Hulett right away. Rodents are known to live in walls, attics, and ceilings, chewing through wood, electric wiring, and more. They can pose a significant health threat to your family and pets.

Hulett uses the following techniques to eradicate rodents:

  • The use of interior traps
  • Placing bait boxes outside your home
  • Rodent exclusion techniques to ensure rodents never make their way inside again

Termite Control Services

Termite control in Fort Pierce is essential, as humidity and heat make for the perfect termite breeding grounds. Once termites are present, they go on a never-ending search for wood to feast on. They can cause extensive damage to your home and business, compromising the structural integrity of the building and leading to costly repairs.

As there are many different species of termites in South Florida, that require specialized treatments, correct identification is essential. Trust Hulett to get it right the first time.

Our termite control in Fort Pierce includes:

  • A liquid defense system when treating subterranean termites
  • Sentricon baiting system to eradicate the colonies of subterranean termites
  • Tented fumigation, when necessary, to get rid of drywood termites
  • A "No-Tent" treatment option for drywood termites when possible

Please don't wait until termites have made their home in your house before you begin treatment. Here at Hulett Environmental Services, we offer preventative treatments for residential termite control in Fort Pierce to ease your mind and protect your family before a problem occurs. We recommend treating your property regularly to ensure complete defense.

Lawn and Ornamental Services

Lawn and ornamental services are just as vital as pest control in Fort Pierce and termite control in Fort Pierce. Several lawn diseases that affect landscaping in beautiful South Florida can lead to dead turf and damaged plants. A region full of Palm trees that sway gracefully in the wind and tropical landscaping that lends character and charm to homes, at Hulett, we know that landowners want to do everything they can to maintain the lawns they've created.

If you notice dry, crunchy grass, brown spots on your lawn, dying plants, or leaves with holes in them, your landscaping may be the victim of either pests or lawn disease. Contact us for a free inspection.

We can effectively treat the following landscaping problems in South Florida:

  • Damage caused to your greenery by insects
  • Grass and turf fungal diseases that cause areas of your lawn to die
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization

Additionally, we can effectively treat fire ants and whiteflies.

Free Inspection and Consultation

Are you unsure if your home or property is affected by pests, rodents, or plant disease, contact Hulett today. If you require pest control in Fort Pierce or termite control in Fort Pierce, we will let you know after performing an entirely free inspection of your home and grounds.

We don't just look in areas where pests are most commonly found. We search everywhere for signs of infestation and damage. Our consultations are always at no cost and come with no obligation. Schedule an inspection, and a Hulett expert will arrive promptly and develop a tailored treatment proposal explicitly designed for your home and property.

Although Fort Pierce, FL, may be a great home for pests, it's an even better home for families and businesses. Don't let pests get the best of you. Hulett is here to help. Our specialists effectively address all pest control in Fort Pierce, termite control in Fort Pierce, and lawncare and ornamental services in the city and surrounding areas.

Contact Hulett Environmental Services today.

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Customer Reviews


“Laura is very professional and detailed in her treatment. Since this was the first treatment she had a lot to do! She took her time and was very detailed in taking care of all of the issues she saw around the house and in the yard. I love that I don't have to call and schedule the next visit, she has it on her calendar and will call me to let me know she is coming! ”
- Amy


“I would like to express my satisfaction with our pest control service. Specifically our technician, Michael. He goes above and beyond our expectations and strives to maintain a very proactive regimen to keep us bug free. He has solved an ant problem that has plagued us and the previous owners of the house for many years. He is kind, professional, thourough and responsive. We use a variety of service companies and he is the best tech of them all. I am happy to hear that he is going to be able to enjoy his retirement soon, but am sad to lose my best tech. I can't imagine we will ever get anyone as good for his replacement. I hope he is recognized by Hulett for the excellent reputation he upholds for the company. Great employees are hard to find and often go unrecognized.”
- Pamela


“I want to take a moment to express my complete satisfaction with Laura. She has done a super job with my problem in side & outside. She is truly a professional and at the same time very polite and cheerful. I would hope you would inform her of how pleased I am with her work.”
- Tom


“A hearty thank you to our serviceman, Joe. He is terrific. He goes out of his way to make sure we understand what he's doing and why he's doing it. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this comment, but if it's not, I hope you will forward it to the appropriate person”
- Joseph


“We made a horrible mistake and realize that you are better at pest control then we are. LOL Please let me know if this is possible and when we will start service again. Thank you so much for understanding and hope to work with you again soon. Have a Blessed one.”
- Lens

REVIEWER: Frances Chavenello

“The salesman, Mike Swords and techs were wonderful, Johanathan Torres, Taylor Dover and Evinas Joseph. Thorough, professional and very personable. Cathy and Samatha were great also.”
- Frances Chavenello

Fort Pierce Pest Activity

Image of Ants


In Fort Pierce, Florida, ants are a nuisance pest year-round since the temperatures never dip low enough to control them. If left untreated, they grow into a colony of thousands searching for food and water sources throughout your home or business to stay warm.

If ants have infested your Fort Pierce home, this could signal other pests will be soon to follow.

Image of Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termite swarms are most common in Fort Pierce during spring following rain, but may occur as early as mid-February in Florida. Termites swarm after rain showers which makes this time of year for Fort Pierce homes the ideal breading ground.

Termites can infest your entire Fort Pierce neighborhood as they tunnel from home to home scavenging for food; wood, cellulose and paper. They cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year and none of it is covered by conventional homeowner's insurance! Protect your biggest asset and your neighborhood today!

Image of Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites

Termite swarms are most active in the spring and summer months. However, lack of swarms doesn't ensure your home is termite free. Drywood termites fly into and on structures. Any cracks in the paint on facia or outdoor wood provide excellent access for drywood termites to enter your home.

Termite damage is not covered by homeowner's insurance. They will wreak havoc on your Fort Pierce home's structural soundness, costing you thousands in out-of-pocket expenses. It is vital to take precaution and protect your biggest investment with annual termite inspections.

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