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Strategies for Lawn Pest Control in South Florida

As the hot and humid climate of south Florida revs up with the arrival of spring and summer, Florida residents are eager to work in their lawns and gardens. To maintain a lush and green lawn, homeowners must strive to keep their yards pest-free.

With the right tools and tactics, you can reclaim your lawn and shrubs from pests, and increase your odds of avoiding an infestation in the first place. Allow our team at Hulett Environmental Services to provide you with the information and strategies to prevent lawn pests and plant pests from invading your yard this spring and summer.


Common Lawn Pests To Look Out For

When it comes to protecting your landscape against pests and weeds, the first step is to understand which pests pose a threat to your lawn, ornamentals, and palms. By getting familiar with these lawn pests, you can better develop tactics to keep them out. Here are some common lawn pests to look out for in your south Florida lawn and landscape.

Close-up shot of a mealybug on a plant.

Inspect for Signs of a Lawn Pest Infestation

Do you already have a problem with lawn pests in your yard? Although it can be challenging to spot an infestation before it blooms, it’s best to detect a pest problem as soon as possible. Common signs of a lawn pest infestation include dirt mounds, which might indicate the presence of burrowing insects or animals, brown spots or patches of dead grass that could result from grubs or other root-eating pests, holes that are often signs of digging critters or insect activity, and gnaw marks on grass blades or stems, especially St. Augustine grass which is damaged by chewing caterpillars and chinch bugs.

Lawn Care Strategies and Tips

Whether you’re currently dealing with a lawn pest issue in sunny south Florida or just want to get ahead of any potential infestations, we’ve got you covered. From understanding the seasonal behaviors of local pests, like aphidsmealybugs,  or chinch bugs, to choosing the right treatment options, our approach ensures your lawn remains the best-looking lawn on the block. Let our team guide you through some top-notch strategies to keep lawn intruders at bay by sharing our expert tips on lawn pest control tailored to our unique Florida climate.

Clean Your Yard Frequently

As summer temperatures continue to rise in Florida, it’s best to do a rigorous cleaning of your yard as soon as you can. This consists of removing twigs, excess lawn clippings or leaf litter, animal droppings, and other debris regularly. These cleanup methods not only keep your lawn looking tidy but also reduce the likelihood of a lawn pest invasion.

Dethatch Your Yard

In turf types such as Bermudagrass and Zoysia grass lawns, as part of cleaning your yard, make sure you dethatch it. Thatch consists of an excessive layer of grass, leaves, and dead stems. If you don’t dethatch your yard, it can lead to mildew and moisture buildup that attracts lawn pests. Make sure you thoroughly rake any dead leaves or dried grass to avoid further thatch accumulation.

Garden fertilizer spreader in use by a gardener.

Mow Your Lawn Regularly

Another way you can prevent pests from taking over your yard is to mow your lawn regularly. It is harmful to the grass to let the turf grow too long, and then cut it too short. This is a process called scalping, and it can lead to an increase in bugs, weeds, and disease. Overgrown grass provides plenty of opportunities for pests to take shelter and find moisture sources throughout your lawn. Before you mow, make sure your mower works properly and your blades are sharpened. For proper lawn care, try to mow at least once per week during the spring and summer growing season.

Aerate Your Yard

In Bermudagrass and Zoysia grass lawns, by aerating your yard, you can help promote a healthy and green lawn and enable adequate levels of moisture and air for your green grass. There are two types of common aerators that fit different types of soil. Spike aerators loosen up the soil and let air in by jabbing narrower holes in the surface. Plug aerators, on the other hand, are optimal for denser soils, pulling plugs of soil out of your lawn to let in larger amounts of air and moisture.

Gardener using pesticide for lawn pest control.

Utilize Grass Fertilizer

Proper fertilization is a crucial step to keeping a green lawn free of pests. Choosing the right fertilizer involves a series of complex factors, such as grass type and knowing your soil’s pH levels. Timing is also essential for fertilizing; it’s best to apply fertilizer when your lawn is actively growing and not dormant, ideally right after it emerges from dormancy.

At Hulett, our experienced turf specialists can thoroughly inspect your lawn, identify any issues, and devise a tailored treatment fertilization plan, saving you the hassle and uncertainty of DIY methods. Our comprehensive lawn fertilizer services include specialized fertilization for lawns, ornamentals, and palms, weed control, treatments for turf-destroying insects and diseases, and more!

Practice Proper Watering

Overwatering your yard can cause a great deal of damage. To strengthen and lengthen your lawn’s root system, it’s best to water when your grass only when needed, when your turf shows signs of thirst. Given south Florida’s intense heat and occasional drought conditions, you may need to water more often, but be careful not to oversaturate the soil.

Contact Professional Lawn Care Services

To foster the ideal lawn for your south Florida home, it’s best not to take it on alone. In fact, the best results come with the combination of self-practices and professional lawn pest control services. Proper lawn pest control will offer effective and preventive treatments to promote a healthy lawn while deterring any pesky lawn destroyers.

Reach Out to Hulett for South Florida Lawn Pest Control

Looking for the best lawn pest control services in South Florida? No need to look any further—just call Hulett! Our well-trained entomologists and turf specialists have the tools and knowledge needed to thoroughly inspect and identify your lawn pest problem and utilize preventive treatments to help you keep a pest-free and green lawn. After all, it’s all part of the Hulett lawn difference!

To request our south Florida lawn pest control services, schedule your free inspection online now!