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Your Advice for Pests This Spring

Spring is here and winter is fast becoming a memory. During the winter, you may have experienced a decrease in pest activity around your home. This is because insects become more dormant during the cooler temperatures. However, now that it’s starting to get warmer outside you will begin to see more pest activity.

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it also brings out the bugs. Various types of insects, such as Fire ants , Ghost ants , Pyramid ants , Rover ants , Pharaoh ants , and cockroaches are common during this season. Fire ants can especially be a problem at this time of year.

Termite Control

It’s Termite Swarm Season!

Spring brings a flurry of termite activity as temperatures start to heat up. Subterranean termite swarm season is beginning with 20 different species of termites statewide starting to swarm. Swarming is the release of both male and female winged termites expressly for the purpose of starting a new colony. Swarming termites is also a sign that the termites have been in your house for a while. Most Subterranean termite swarms will occur after a heavy rain and during daylight hours.

Swarming termites are easy to exterminate and can be done so using any household cleaning product. The important issue here is that swarmers are a sign of termite infestation, and that means you have a problem. Luckily, the experts at Hulett are here to help!


Lawn Control

Watch Out For Chinch Bugs!

Due to the new growth surges in spring, insect activity in your lawn and landscape increases. Sod webworms and Army worms begin to appear and cause damage. Chinch bug activity also increases, especially in the drier areas. It is also not uncommon to see aphids , caterpillars , and whiteflies on your plant material at this time of year.

Spring is typically a warm and dry season for our area and we need to be sure that our irrigation systems are delivering the sufficient coverage that is needed for our landscapes. Even the best of irrigation systems do not deliver the necessary moisture to our landscapes, and this can lead to wilted plants and other unwanted problems such as brown or burned spots (hot spots) in our lawns.

chinch bug

As plants grow out and touch the side of your house, ants are able to use the tree limbs as a bridge to your home. Trimming new tree limbs and foliage away from the house will help decrease the chance of these pests getting inside.

As the flowers begin to bloom, there will also be an increase in wasps and bees . Since flowers are full of fresh pollen they will attract a wide variety of flying insects. Keep an eye on the eaves and trees around your home for possible nests.

Checking your home and yard is key to maintaining a pest free environment, and Hulett performs a thorough pest inspection during every visit. We utilize the industry’s newest methods and prescription treatments.

During the spring, when we are receiving minimal or no rainfall it will be necessary to run your sprinkler system at least twice a week (delivering 3/4 of an inch each watering). However, be careful not to overwater since excess moisture could attract insects and cause unwanted weeds. Should we be under watering restrictions, follow your local ordinances.

A man cutting a tree branch.

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